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Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management


Emergent Ventures India- Consultant/Environmental Scientist
Environmental Protection Agency- Student Contractor
Federal Regulatory Commission- Energy Industry Consultant
US Forest Service-Middle East Program Specialist


US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission- Energy Industry Analyst
US General Services Administration- Contract Specialist
US Office of Management and Budget- Program Examiner
Hoosier Energy REC, INC.- Energy Efficiency Program Coordinator
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- Public Health Analyst
Mundell & Associates- Staff Scientist
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey-Staff Assistant, Oil and Gas Section


Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor- Utility Analyst
Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum-Development Associate
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- Environmental Protection Specialist
Indiana Department of Natural Resources- Nonpoint Source Pollution Coordinator and Policy Analyst


?What If! Innovation- Producer
Center for Evaluation and Education Policy- Project Associate
World Help- Assistant Director of Child Sponsorship
Shizuoka Prefecture- Administrator


City of Bloomington - Natural Resources Environmental Education Leader
ECOS Environmental - Environmental Specialist
Sycamore Land Trust - Communications Director
Indiana Department of Environmental Management - Unknown
Utah State University - Sustainability Coordinator
Milwaukee County Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Culture - Project Coordinator
Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife Restoration - Biologist
World Agroforestry Center- Research Consultant
Banyan Street - Administrative Assistant