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SPEA Internship Code of Conduct

I understand that dishonesty or inappropriate behavior may nullify my eligibility for academic credit for this internship experience.
I understand that purposeful misrepresentation of internship duties and responsibilities or the number of contact hours and dates with my internship provider may result in forfeiture of my eligibility for internship credit and/or disciplinary proceedings.
I understand that by entering into this agreement I am agreeing to serve as a representative of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) and Indiana University (IU).  As such my conduct throughout this internship experience is a reflection on not only me personally, but also SPEA and IU.
I understand that I cannot prematurely terminate this internship without the informed consent of both my internship provider and SPEA's Office of Career Services.
I understand that if the Office of Career Services has suspicions of fraud that there will be a full and comprehensive investigation of my internship agreement.
I understand that any evidence of fraud or misconduct may result in forfeiture of eligibility for internship credit and such conduct may be reported to IU's Office of Student Ethics.
I understand what constitutes a permissible work absence and whom to notify if absent.  I will be on time to work, finish assignments/projects when due, and give it my best effort.
I agree to follow through on all commitments.
I understand that I must dress appropriately for the work setting.
I understand that I should assert myself and my ideas in an appropriate and tactful manner.
I agree to remain drug and alcohol free and will avoid the use of controlled substances.
I understand that I cannot conduct personal business during work hours (e-mails, cell phones, internet).
I understand that verbal or physical sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the work place.  Sexual harassment can consist of a single intense or severe act or of multiple persistent or pervasive acts and it does not have to be explicitly sexual in nature. Any behavior which ridicules or denigrates a person because of his or her gender may be deemed harassment.  "Sexual Harassment At Work and the Ethics of Dual Relationships." E British Psychological Society. 20 June-July 2007.  
I understand that if I feel victimized by a work-related incident to contact the Office of Career Services immediately (812) 855-9639.
I understand that if my internship responsibilities outlined in the internship description do not coincide with the actual position to contact the Office of Career Services.
I understand that if I am underutilized I should first speak to my supervisor and contact the Office of Career Services if a resolution is not met.
I acknowledge the repercussions for academic misconduct may include:
  • A revoked internship
  • Critical probation
  • Academic suspension