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Internship Objectives

Are you wondering what we, Career Services, looks for when reviewing an internship approval form? Below you will find some basic internship requirements as well as a listing of internship objectives by major. Keep in mind that the internship objectives are not requirements as much as guidelines. Students are not required to complete an internship that lines up directly with their major. Each internship is reviewed on an individual basis and many factors are taken into consideration.

The Basics:

To complete an internship to satisfy the SPEA experiential requirement, students must meet the following prerequisites.

  • Be a SPEA student
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Have a SPEA major GPA of 2.3
  • Intern a minimum of 200 hours in one internship location
  • Successfully pass V252/H267: Career Development and Planning
  • Be at least a sophomore at the time of the internship
  • Get the internship approved in advance by the Office of Career Services

Internship Objectives (by major):

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