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Policy Analysis Internships

Internships that are relevant for students pursuing the Policy Analysis major for the BSPA degree should provide a setting where they can apply and/or develop knowledge and skills obtained in coursework and/or present an opportunity for students to develop insight into potential policy analysis related career paths in companies and organizations. Internships in all sectors, private, public, and non-profit are acceptable, but should be linked to activities and experiences that allow students to develop general policy analysis skills.

Internship opportunities should involve one or more of the following activities:

  • Policy Analysis/Evaluation: Exposure to public or private policies; policy evaluation and recommendations; policy processes
  • Policy Development/Implementation: Exposure to the development and implementation of new policies either in a private, public, or nonprofit organization
  • Legal Issues: Legislative outreach and development and regulatory reform as it relates to policy
  • Accountability and Evaluation: Organizational effectiveness; program design and evaluation; measuring and assessing performance; benefit cost analysis; code of ethics; transparency and accountability initiatives as they related to policy
  • Research: Systematic inquiries designed to support the above activities

Internships should also provide students the opportunity to:

Gain a better understanding of:

  • the effect of policy on the inner workings of government as well as private organizations
  • how policies are created, implemented, and changed
  • the connections between all sectors and the effects that policy changes in one area have on another

Learn networking skills and develop an understanding of the organizational landscape of private or public organizations.

Learn political and conceptual skills that will help them link their day-to-day internship activities to the larger picture of government and democratic governance systems as they relate to the private sector.