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Graduate students at SPEA have the option of using an internship to complete the Experiential Requirement portion of their degree program.

Students seeking a Master of Arts in Arts Administration should click HERE to view internship requirements and information.

Please see below for information on:

Have an internship lined up? Have you completed your internship and need to file the final paperwork?



To be eligible to complete an internship, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a SPEA student
  • Have completed graduate-level coursework at SPEA
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0

Time Commitment

Masters students in SPEA are required to intern a minimum of 120 hours in one internship location. Students may not intern at multiple sites to fulfill the hours requirement.

Students will be awarded a minimum of 0 credits (see below) upon completion of their hours and submission of the paperwork outlined in Internship Components below.

Getting Started

After you find an internship that appeals to your interests and career goals, you will need to secure the internship through that internship's application and hiring process. Or, if you are creating your own internship, you will need to work out the details of your internship with your supervisor.

You are required to have a supervisor on site. Also, be sure that you let your supervisor know what your internship requirements are for your degree so that you can ensure you will meet all the requirements before you start interning.

All internships approval forms are processed on a case-by-case basis, so if you are unsure whether or not your internship is appropriate, please call the Career Development Office (812-855-9639) and set up an appointment to speak with a career advisor.

If you have general questions about internships, requirement, and processing, be sure to check the FAQ page!

Registration and Elective Credit

After completing your initial Internship Approval Form, you will be authorized to register for 0 credits of either V585 (MPA) or E589 (MSES). You will receive an email that gives you a course and section number. Once you receive that email, you are required to register for the assigned section number on Onestart. Students not registered for at least 0 credits of V585 or E589 will not be allowed to count their internships toward their experiential requirement.

Elective credit (1-6 credits of V585 or E589) is available for students who are either completing more than 120 total hours, or have their experiential requirement complete and completing a new internship. The paperwork requirements for an elective credit internship are exactly the same.

How do you earn elective credit?

  • If you are completing your requirement PLUS electives, your first 120 hours will count towards your requirement plus earn you one elective credit - 120 hours (for requirement plus first credit) + 80 hours for each additional elective credit. Example, 280 hours will earn you 3 elective credits.

If you are interested in earning elective credit, you are required to first speak with your faculty advisor to ensure that it is the most effective way to fulfill some of your elective credit for your IU degree.

Elective credit cannot be added, increased, or reduced at any time after the internship has been approved and the student has registered for 0 credits or for credit. No exceptions can be made to this policy.


Internship Components

  • Work: 120 hours an at approved internship site
  • Internship Approval Form: The internship approval form is the first piece of online paperwork that you will need to submit. You are required to submit your internship approval form before you start interning. Hours worked before the form has been submitted will not be counted and internships completed prior to submission of the form will NOT count towards your degree requirement. The internship approval form, when received, will be reviewed by the Career Development Office, who will determine if it is suitably applicable to your career path and goals. After the CDO receives and reviews your approval form, one of the following three designations will be applied:
  • Approve: Your internship is approved and you are ready to begin your internship.
  • Decline: Your internship is not approved. A staff person from the CDO will email you the specific reason that your internship has not been approved. You will be required to find and complete a new internship.
  • Conditionally Approve: Your internship is approved on the basis that you meet specific conditions. The conditions of your full approval will be emailed directly to you by a staff person in the CDO.
  • Internship Summary Report: During the last week of your internship, you will be required to complete an online summary of your duties, responsibilities, and experiences. The information from the summary will be made available to current and future students via the online Internship Summary Database, so try to be as professional, yet honest, as possible.
  • Supervisor Evaluation: During the last week of your internship, your supervisor is required to complete an online evaluation of your work. The information regarding the evaluation is emailed to your internship supervisor when your internship is approved. Please note that students are NOT allowed access to this form. The CDO can only email login information to the supervisor, not the student.

 Final Paperwork

In order to have your internship count towards your degree, you must complete the paperwork outlined above.

All the paperwork is available online below. Simply click on the links and you will be taken to the online forms!