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**All internships must be APPROVED before any hours can be counted towards your degree requirement. Any hours worked before the internship has been approved will not count towards your total of 120 hours!**

Undergraduate students at SPEA are required to complete an internship as a part of their degree program. Why? Internships are carefully monitored work or service experiences in which students pursue clearly identified educational goals and reflect actively on what they are learning. The purpose, then, is to promote critical thinking, skill development, and personal and professional growth. By requiring an internship, SPEA is providing its students with not only a great skill set, but professional work experience as well.

Everything you need to know about the internship requirement at SPEA as well as how to find an internship, guidelines, procedures, registration, paperwork, and expectations is in this guide:

SPEA Undergraduate Internship Guidelines and Procedures (PDF)

**Please Note: Because the above guide is considered a syllabus for V381/H466/V380, all SPEA students are responsible for reading and understanding the information contained within the guide. When you submit internship paperwork, it will be assumed that you understand your program requirements. If you have any questions after reading the guide, please contact the Career Development Office (812-855-9639) to speak with a career advisor.**

After completing your internship:

  • Internship Summary Report - Note that your supervisor is NOT told what you write in your summary. The information is strictly confidential.
  • Supervisor EvaluationAvailable to supervisors ONLY! Students do not have access to the form. Your IU username and passphrase will not work to open this document. The Career Development Office reserves the right to contact your internship supervisor at any time to audit the number of hours you have been interning and/or to verify the legitimacy

**If you are a supervisor and have any issues either logging into the online evaluation or getting it to work properly, please call (812)855-9639 or email us at**