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Want to meet the staff of the Career Development Office?

The CDO staff at the SPEA Career Expo.

Full-time Staff

Mark Case, Director - SPEA Career Development Office

Marlene Gillen, Career Advisor

Jeremy Harmon, Assistant Director of Employer Relations

Julie James, Career Advisor and V252/H267 Instructor

Carleigh Johnson, Employer Relations Coordinator

Melodie Martin, Experiential Education Coordinator

Susan Sandberg, Career Advisor

Glenda Schulz, Career Advisor and V252/H267 Instructor

Tiffany Roberts, Office Coordinator

Student Assistants

Kristina Borich, Graduate Assistant, Special Data Projects

Nick Dobbins, Undergraduate Assistant to Office Coordinator and Special Projects

Michelle Handke, Graduate Assistant, Supports V252

Jackie Head, Undergraduate Assistant, Employer Relations

Shelby Houston, Graduate Assistant, Employer Relations

Wing Kwong, Undergraduate Assistant, Employer Relations

Sarah Mihich, Graduate Assistant to Director, Special Projects

Aaron Olson, Graduate Assistant, Washington Leadership Program

Erica Summe, Graduate Assistant, Special Projects

David Truong, Graduate Assistant, Supports V252

Erica Walker, Graduate Assistant, Employer Relations