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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I dress up?

  • Yes. You want to make the best impression possible. Even if you are only coming to Career Expo to learn about career paths, you want to be sure that you look good. At the very least, please wear a button-up shirt, khakis, and a tie (guys) or a button-up shirt with a skirt or dress pants (gals).

Should I bring a resume?

  • Bringing at least 2-3 copies of your resume (which you should have had reviewed by a CDO staff person first) is a good idea. You may not give them out to anyone, but you can always refer to it.

What else should I bring along?

  • A pen and notepad. You will want to write down names, email addresses, and notes about different employers.

Where is Career Expo located?

  • Within walking distance of SPEA the Civic Leaders Living Learning Center in Briscoe Residence Hall. Simply walk north on Fee Lane and you will see signs by Briscoe, which is located on Fee and 17th street.

Will there be another Career Expo that I can attend in the future?

  • Yes. The SPEA Career Expo is an annual fall event hosted by the Career Development Office.

I am an employer and would like to attend. Who should I contact?

  • You can send an email to or call 812-855-9639. We would be happy to assist you!