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Hosting a SPEA Intern

The undergraduate and graduate programs at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs are a point of pride for Indiana University. One of the main reasons that we are so highly rated as compared to other institutions offering similar degrees is that we require all of our undergraduate students to complete an internship as part of their degree program and highly encourage our graduate students to do internships as well. The experience they gain is an invaluable part of their education and one that is integral to their success in the job market upon graduation.

If you are considering sponsoring an intern, you probably have a few questions regarding the internship process. Below you will find a list of question frequently asked by employers.

What should I know about the internship requirements?

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs offers a wide range of degrees and the career goals of each student in those degrees varies widely. For these reasons, we allow students to explore a variety of internships. This freedom allows them the opportunity to explore different skill sets that they feel would most benefit their education.  While an internship directly related to their degree would be ideal, we allow students to do internships closely related or outside their degree as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Students must have the same supervisor throughout the length of the internship experience.
  • The internship must have a firm start/end date.
  • The hours per week worked by the student must be established before the internship start date.
  • The student, whether masters or undergraduate, must work a minimum of 120 total hours 
  • All students entering into internships have passed a minimum cumulative and SPEA GPA requirement.
  • One internship form is filled out by the intern's supervisor. The Final Supervisor Evaluation is submitted at the internship's completion. Upon the approval of the student's internship contract by Career Services, the supervisor will receive an email with further information regarding access to the Supervisor Evaluation. If you do not receive this email, please call the CDO, (812)855-9639, to receive the information necessary to complete the evaluation.
  • Supervisors may be contacted at some point throughout the internship by the CDO to verify the internship and to check the progress of the intern.

How long do I need to sponsor the intern?

All SPEA students are required to intern a minimum of 120 hours at one internship site. 

Do I have to pay the intern?

Internships can be either paid or unpaid. Please find below information regarding paid/unpaid internships as provided by The full document, which includes information on liability, can be found here:

My agency/company/organization does not currently have an established internship program. How do I set up a program?

SPEA's Career Development Office will help you in creating an internship program that works for both the student and employer. You can either call 812-855-9639 or email for assistance. If you would like to get started on internship program basics, Indiana InternNet has created a starter guide for employers. That guide can be found HERE.