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Environmental Science Faculty Group

Faculty MemberContact InfoInterests
../../profiles/thumb-image/nameAmbassador Rajendra M. Abhyankar
Professor of Practice

India and International Relations

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameShahzeen Z. Attari
Assistant Professor

Human behavior and resource use, Environmental psychology, and Social dilemmas

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameA. James Barnes

Environmental law, domestic and international environmental policy, ethics and the public official, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, law and public policy

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameSanya Carley
Associate Professor

Energy Policy, Electricity Technology Innovation Policy, Applied Econometrics, and Policy Instruments

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameMelissa A. L. Clark
Senior Lecturer and Director of the Indiana Clean Lakes Program

Limnology, lake and watershed management, aquatic and terrestrial habitats, implementing sustainability initiatives on campus and community.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameChristopher B. Craft
Janet Duey Professor in Rural Land Policy, Director, SPEA Ph.D. in Environmental Science Program

Wetland restoration and ecosystem development, wetlands and water quality, wetlands and climate change, including carbon sequestration and peat accretion

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameMichael A. Edwards
Clinical Associate Professor

Service learning, hydrogen storage materials, recruitment, retention and graduation of under-represented students in the Science Technology Engineer and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameBurnell C. Fischer
Clinical Professor , Co-director, Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis

Forestry, particularly community and urban forest management practices and policies; natural resource governance and policy; silviculture and growth and development of Central Hardwood forest stands

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameDavid Good
Associate Professor and Director, Transportation Research Center

Quantitative policy modeling, productivity measurement in public and regulated industries, urban policy analysis

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJohn D. Graham

Government reform, energy and the environment, and the future of the automobile in both developed and developing countries

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameDiane S. Henshel
Associate Professor

Sublethal health effects of environmental pollutants, especially pollutant effects on the developing organism, including the effects of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) and related congeners on the developing nervous system of birds exposed in the wild and under controlled laboratory conditions

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameRonald Hites
Distinguished Professor

Applying organic analytical chemistry techniques to the analysis of trace levels of toxic pollutants, such as polybrominated flame retardants and polychlorinated biphenyls and pesticides, with a focus on understanding the behavior of these compounds in the atmosphere and in the Great Lakes

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameMarc L. Lame
Clinical Associate Professor, Director, Master of Science in Environmental Science Program

Implementation of integrated pest management programs in schools and daycare facilities’

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameVicky J. Meretsky

Landscape-level conservation, conservation under climate change, ecology and management of rare species, integrating ecosystem research and endangered species management within adaptive management

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameKimberly A. Novick
Assistant Professor

Forest ecology, ecosystem carbon and water cycling, biometeorology

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameFlynn Picardal
Associate Professor

Environmental microbiology, bioremediation, and biogeochemistry with a focus on the microbial reduction of iron oxides and nitrate, microbial iron oxidation, biotransformation of metals and chlorinated hydrocarbons, anaerobic carbon metabolism in coal beds, and combined microbial:geochemical interactions

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJonathan D. Raff
Assistant Professor, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Applying interdisciplinary approaches to understand how thermal and photochemical reactions on surfaces affect the fate of pollutants in the environment and impact global climate

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameDavid Reingold
Professor and Executive Associate Dean for Bloomington

Urban poverty, economic development, social welfare policy, low-income housing policy, civil society and government performance

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameTodd V. Royer
Associate Professor

Aquatic biogeochemistry, water resources, nutrient and carbon cycling in streams and rivers, water quality and nutrient standards

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJoseph Shaw
Associate Professor

Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Genomics, Comparative Physiology

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameNan Stager
Senior Lecturer and Director, Undergraduate Programs

Mediation, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, public input processes

../../profiles/thumb-image/namePhilip S. Stevens
Rudy Professor and Environmental Science Faculty Chair

Characterization of the chemical mechanisms in the atmosphere that influence regional air quality and global climate change

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameHenry K. Wakhungu
Senior Lecturer

Development of growth simulation models for sustainable management of indigenous community forests, experimental designs in tropical forestry research, service-learning research, classroom action research on student active learning via group research projects in undergraduate introductory statistical techniques courses, and how pre-service teachers conceptualize mathematics (philosophically) indexed with their beliefs and conceptions about mathematics learning and teaching.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameAdam S. Ward
Assistant Professor

Environmental science, watershed management, hydroscience, and engineering

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJeffrey R. White
Professor and Director, Integrated Program in the Environment

Environmental biogeochemistry, climate change, aquatic chemistry, limnology