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Governance & Management Faculty Group

Faculty MemberContact InfoInterests
../../profiles/thumb-image/nameOsita Afoaku
Clinical Professor

Human rights, sustainable development, democratization and state reconstruction in Africa, U.S.-African/Third World relations, and UN Security Council reform

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameRobert Agranoff
Professor Emeritus

Intergovernmental relations (U.S. and cross-national), economic and community development, management of public agencies, governance, intergovernmental management, federal arrangements

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameLisa Blomgren Amsler
Professor and Keller-Runden Chair in Public Service

Collaborative governance, comparative governance, dispute resolution, dispute system design, mediation, administrative law, labor and employment law

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameShahzeen Z. Attari
Assistant Professor

Human behavior and resource use, Environmental psychology, and Social dilemmas

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameClaudia N. Avellaneda
Associate Professor

Public Management and Governance in Developing Countries, Local Governments in Latin America,  Comparative Public Policy and Policymaking, Latin American Politics, International Development

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameMatthew Baggetta
Assistant Professor

Civil society, voluntary associations, civic engagement, social capital

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameA. James Barnes

Environmental law, domestic and international environmental policy, ethics and the public official, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, law and public policy

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameCharles F. Bonser
Dean Emeritus, SPEA, Ameritech Professor Emeritus, SPEA, Professor Emeritus, Business

Economic development, public finance, management and leadership, the role of non-governmental organizations, public policy, transatlantic education and policy

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameAshley Bowers
Clinical Assistant Professor, Director, Center for Survey Research

Survey methodology, human resource management including management of contingent employees, positive organizational scholarship

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJennifer N. Brass
Assistant Professor

African politics, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), energy and international development, comparative public administration, governance, civil society, political economy of development

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameSanya Carley
Associate Professor

Energy Policy, Electricity Technology Innovation Policy, Applied Econometrics, and Policy Instruments

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameBeth E. Cate
Associate Professor

Data governance and regulation; intellectual property; Constitutional law and Supreme Court decisionmaking; religion in public life and governance.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameDaniel Cole
Professor of Law and of Public and Environmental Affairs, Affiliated Faculty, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis

Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Economics, Property, and Polish Law

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameBrian L. DeLong
Lecturer, Indiana University Debate Coach

National and international security policies from an argumentation, rhetorical, and critical cultural perspective.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameSameeksha Desai
Assistant Professor, Associate Director, Institute for Development Strategies

Entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development policy; political economy and allocation of entrepreneurship in areas of political instability, conflict and disaster; postconflict reconstruction; social entrepreneurship

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameSergio Fernandez
Associate Professor and Director, Ph.D. Programs in Public Affairs and Public Policy

Public management and organization theory, with a focus on privatization and contracting out, public sector leadership, and organizational change and innovation

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameBurnell C. Fischer
Clinical Professor , Co-director, Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis

Forestry, particularly community and urban forest management practices and policies; natural resource governance and policy; silviculture and growth and development of Central Hardwood forest stands

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameBeth Gazley
Associate Professor and Teaching and Learning Faculty Chair

Public and nonprofit management, associations, intersectoral relations, collaboration, volunteerism

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJohn D. Graham

Government reform, energy and the environment, and the future of the automobile in both developed and developing countries

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameKirsten GrĂžnbjerg
Professor, Efroymson Chair in Philanthropy, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Indiana University

Nonprofit and public sector relationships. Current work examines the scope and community dimensions of the Indiana nonprofit sector. Other major areas of research focus on the American welfare system, nonprofit funding relations, and nonprofit data sources.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameLee H. Hamilton
Director, The Center on Congress, Professor of Practice, SPEA

Congress, national and homeland security, civic education and participation, American economic and foreign policy, domestic politics.

../../profiles/thumb-image/namePaul Helmke
Professor of Practice, SPEA, Director, Civic Leaders Living-Learning Center

Mayoral leadership; gun control; urban issues; law and public policy; civic education and participation; nonprofit leadership.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameMonika Herzig
Senior Lecturer

Touring Jazz Pianist, Jazz History, Concert Promotion, Music Industry, Jazz Education, Music Entrepreneurship

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameCheryl K. Hughes

Human resource management/training and development

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameHaeil Jung
Assistant Professor

Applied Econometrics and Program Evaluation Methods, Social Policy for Disadvantaged Individuals and Families

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJohn R. Karaagac

International Relations and International Policy; American Public Administration, Foreign Policy, Politics and the Political Process, the Presidency; International Political Economy; Political Theory and Public Policy

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameRobert Kravchuk
Professor and Director, Master of Public Affairs (MPA) and Online MPA

Public Finance, Macro-budgeting, Public Debt Markets, U.S. Defense Department Procurement Management and the Political Economy of Reform in Formerly Socialist Countries

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameLeslie Lenkowsky
Professor of Practice in Public Affairs and Philanthropy

Nonprofits and public policy, civil society in comparative perspective, institutional grant-makers, volunteering and civic engagement, and education and social welfare policy, social entrepreneurship

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameFrank C. Lewis
Lecturer, Arts Administration

Modern Art, Contemporary Theory and Criticism, and Photography

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameAlvin Lyons
Lecturer, Public and Non-Profit Management

Philanthropic studies; nonprofit management, fund development, strategic planning, and board development; social entrepreneurship; programs for nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on hospitals

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJoyce Y. Man
Associate Professor

Public finance, urban and regional economics, international trade, economic development, public budgeting and financial management

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameMichael McGuire
Professor and Governance and Management Faculty Chair

Intergovernmental and interorganizational collaboration and networks, federalism and intergovernmental relations, public management

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameRoger A. Morris

Managing Information Technology and Database Management Systems

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameAndrea R. Need
Lecturer and Deputy Director, Master of Public Affairs Program

Environmental law, conservation easements, invasive species, environmental impact of shipping on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameAshlyn Aiko Nelson
Associate Professor

Housing finance, education finance, education policy, the mortgage crisis

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJill Nicholson-Crotty
Associate Professor

Public and nonprofit management and the role of the sectors in the policy process.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameSean Nicholson-Crotty
Associate Professor

Public Management, Federalism and IGR, and Comparative State Policy

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameFrank L. Nierzwicki Jr.
Visiting Lecturer

Civil engagement at the state and local level; urban studies at the federal, state and local levels; community development and planning at the local level.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameMark A. Norrell, FACHE, HFA
Lecturer, Healthcare Administration

Healthcare strategic planning and business development; financial management, operations and human resources management for healthcare provider organizations

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameNancy Obermeyer
Visiting Lecturer

Institutional, management, and societal aspects of implementing geographic information systems; public participation GIS, spatial data privacy, and ethics for GIS professionals

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJames Perry
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, and Editor-in-Chief, Public Administration Review

Public service motivation, government and civil service reform, public management, public human resource management, national and community service, performance-related pay, public organizational behavior

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameOrville Powell
Clinical Associate Professor

Local government and the United States Constitution

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameThomas M. Rabovsky
Assistant Professor

Public Administration and Public Policy

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameDavid Reingold
Professor and Executive Associate Dean for Bloomington

Urban poverty, economic development, social welfare policy, low-income housing policy, civil society and government performance

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameWilliam G. Resh
Assistant Professor

Public Management; U.S. Presidency and Executive Politics; Policy Implementation; Organization Theory; Personnel Policy; Organizational Behavior

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameMichael Rushton
Professor and Director of Arts Administration Programs, Indiana University Director of Strategic Planning

Cultural economics, policy and administration; nonprofit organizations; tax policy. Current research concerns cultural districts, and tax policy towards nonprofit organizations and charitable donations.

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameSusan Siena

National and International Affairs

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameDaniel Simon
Associate Professor

Competition and Firm Strategy; Customer Satisfaction; and Policy Analysis

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameNan Stager
Senior Lecturer and Director, Undergraduate Programs

Mediation, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, public input processes

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameAnh Tran
Assistant Professor

Institutions and behavior of bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and workers in developing countries

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameMichael Wilkerson

Arts administration

../../profiles/thumb-image/nameJoanna Woronkowicz
Assistant Professor

Nonprofit management; Urban development; Cultural policy; Capital facilities investments; Applied econometrics; Survey methods