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Teaching and Learning Faculty Group

Mission Statement

The SPEA Teaching and Learning Faculty Group is open to all FT and PT instructors, and has as its mission to (1) provide a forum for discussing important teaching-related issues that are applicable to all instructors, (2) provide a means for jointly developing policies and advice for the Dean’s Office and faculty on effective teaching, and (3) develop teaching and learning resources for all SPEA FT and PT faculty.

This faculty group will serve as a central venue within SPEA for discussing, exploring, and implementing effective and innovative teaching practices at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It will provide all faculty, regardless of rank, an institutional home for examining the strengths (and limitations) of teaching practices at SPEA, establishing classroom expectations for both SPEA faculty and students, learning about available existing resources for SPEA faculty or developing new resources, researching best practices at other schools at IU and nationally, and proposing to the faculty new policies and procedures. Policies might cover such areas as (1) new faculty orientation and training; (2) grading standards; (3) plagiarism; (4) assessment of learning; (5) the enhanced use of technology in the classroom; (6) on-line learning. The Committee may also come up with guidelines for bridging the gap between what students are learning inside and outside of the classroom. Finally, the Committee will explore additional ways to recognize and reward faculty members who are doing exemplary work with our students and to make sure that all faculty members have the opportunity to learn from them. Another crucial goal of the group is to examine ways to address teaching needs in a climate of limited resources. Activities will include increasing collaborations between full- and part-time faculty, and investigating ways to train and assess graduate students and help them master new teaching skills.

A third objective is to examine how SPEA can ensure that our students develop the kinds of knowledge and skills that will prepare them for future success in their internships, jobs, or future studies. To accomplish this last goal, the faculty group will facilitate conversations with current students, alumni, graduate school admissions offices, and employers. The Office of Career Services and the Office of External Affairs, among others, will take part in these discussions.

The Teaching and Learning Faculty Group is chaired by a permanent member of the SPEA faculty, with program directors or their representatives attending ex officio. The Chair will facilitate the agenda of the faculty group, facilitate SPEA engagement with campus resources such as the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, and lead the planning of teaching workshops, orientations and training opportunities.

Beth Gazley (Chair)

Members: Daniel Abrams, Taylor Aldridge, Alexander Alexeev, Beth Applegate, Shahzeen Attari, David Audretsch, Matt Auer, Matthew Baggetta, John Baker, Amy Bastin, Meghann Flynn Beer, William Beggs, Lisa Blomgren Bingham, Joel Bolinger, Tribble Bradley, Gary Branham, Jennifer Brass, Melissa Brown, Larry Campbell, Sanya Carley, Beth Cate, Anirban Chakraborty, Kwan Nok Chan, Chaeyoung Chang, Anesu Chaora, Casey Chell, Melissa Clark, David Cox, Gene Coyle, Gregory Crouch, Nora Czar, Anita DeCastro, Brian DeLong, James Devereaux, Dawne DiOrio Rekas, Chad Dorshorst, Denvil Duncan, Michael Edwards, Jeff Ehman, Jaima Kae Eisenhauer, Trent Engbers, Chris England, Ann Katheryn Fields, Elizabeth Ware Fippinger, Burnell Fischer, John Fox, Louis Fucilla, John Galuska, Beth Gazley, Stephen Glaholt, Doug Goldstein, John Graham, Daniel Grundmann, Tatyana Guzman, Henk Haitjema, John Hamilton, Rich Hansen, Brad Heim, Emmalyn Helge, Susan Hengeveld, Monika Herzig, Rex Howard, Cheryl Hughes, Chaman Jain, David Jones, Miguel Luke Jones, Daniel Jones, James Julovich, Haeil Jung, John Karaagac, Judith Kirk, Aleksey Kolpakov, Olha Krupa, Shokhrukh Irkinovich Kurbanov, Lisa Kurz, Chantalle LaFontant, Marc Lame, Sarah Larson, Carrie Ann Lawrence, Phil Lehmkuhler, Les Lenkowsky, Cheol Liu, Al Lyons, Jennifer Maddox, Antonette McCaster, Danielle McClelland, Dick McGarvey, Michael McGinnis, Vicky Meretsky, Sarah Mincey, Sobhi Mohanty, Tima Moldogaziev, Thomas Moore, Roger Morris, Deborah Myerson, Rebecca Nannery, Andrea Need, Ashlyn Nelson, Ha Nguyen, Frank Nierzwicki, Mark Norrell, Diana Oviedo Vargas, Elizabeth Pear, Don Petkus, Orville Powell, Dan Preston, Chad Rabinovitz, Robert Rathbun, Natalia Rayzor, George Rehrey, David Reingold, Terri Renner, William Resh, Barry Rubin, John Rupp, Michael Rushton, James Russell, Oral Saulters, Duane Schau, Debra Schneck, Paul Schneller, Glenda Schulz, Katie Sewell, Jen Shang, Caroline Shaw, Joe Shaw, Thomas Simon, Kosali Simon, Pam Sklar, Rob Springston, Nan Stager, Peg Stice, Elizabeth Stirratt, Paul Strum, Jessica Ulm, Terry Usrey, Greg Valenta, Maryann Valenta, Vickie VanDeventer, Lester Wadzinski, Henry Wakhungu, Shannon Watkins, David Welch, James Whitlatch, Tom Zeller, Shuang Zhao, John Zody