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Faculty Directory

David Good

Associate Professor and Director, Transportation Research Center
(812) 855-4556
SPEA Room 349

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1985
M.A., Boston College, 1977
B.A., University of Delaware, 1976
B.S., University of Delaware, 1976

Professional Experience
Transportation Active Safety Systems Institute, Faculty, 2007-present

Professional Interests
Quantitative policy modeling, productivity measurement in public and regulated industries, urban policy analysis

Current Projects

  • "In-Vehicle Driving Behavior Field Study for Central Indiana" Transportation Research Board/National Academy of Science, $1,149,000. 2010-2013 (PI) with S. Koskie and M. Justiss.
  • "Transportation Sustainability at Campus Level: Students' Residential Location Choice and Mode Shift." $10,000 IU Office of Sustainability/ School of Public and Environmental Affairs Development Grant, 2009-2010 (Co-PI) with Dianne Henshel

Selected Publications
Full Vita

  • Meretsky, V.J., V. Brack, Jr., T.C. Carter, R. Clawson, R.R. Currie, T.A. Hemberger, C.J. Herzog, A.C. Hicks, J.A. Kath, J.R. Macgregor, R.A.King, D.H. Good, "Digital photography improves consistency and accuracy of bat counts in hibernacula" Journal of Wildlife Management (forthcoming)
  • David H. Good and Rafael Reuveny, 2009.  "On the collapse of historical civilizations" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91(4): 863-879
  • David H. Good, Robin Sickles, and Jesse Weiher. 2008. "A hedonic price index for air travel." Review of Income and Wealth, 54(3): 438-465
  • Rene Aubourg, David Good and Kerry Krutilla, 2007.  “Debt, Democratization and Development in Latin America: How Can Policy Affect Global Warming," Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 18(2): 148-176
  • Tina Nabatchi, Lisa Blomgren Bingham, and David H. Good (2007). Organizational Justice and Workplace Mediation: A Six Factor Model. International Journal of Conflict Management 18(2): 148-176
  • P. Captain, D. Good, R. Sickles and A Ayyar (2007). "On the Dynamics of Competition And Efficiency in the European Airline Industry," Advances in Airline Economics Darin Lee, ed, Elsever
  • Good, David and Rafael Reuveny. 2006. “Easter Island: The Limits of Environmental Resource Management Institutions,” Ecological Economics 58(4) 473-490
  • J.A. Foran, D.H. Good, D Carpenter, BA Knuth, MC Hamilton, SJ Schwager, (2005). “Benefit -risk analysis for farmed and wild salmon, Journal of Nutrition 135:2639-2643
  • Robin Sickles, David Good and Lullit Getachew. (2002). “Specification of Distance Functions Using Semi and Nonparametric Methods With An Application to the Dynamic Performance of Eastern and Western European Air Carriers,” Journal of Productivity Analysis 17(1):133-155