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Faculty Directory

Kimberly A. Novick

Assistant Professor
(812) 855-3010
MSBII Room 316

Ph.D., Environmental Science, Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment, 2010
B.S.E., Duke University, 2002

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, 2012 to present
  • Post-doctoral Research Ecologist, UDSA Forest Service (GS-0408-11/1) Aug 2010 – July 2012
  • Doctoral Research, Duke University, August 2005 – July 2010

Awards, Honors & Certifications

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2006-2009.
  • James B. Duke Fellowship, 2005–2009.
  • Marie Curie iLEAPs student travel award, 2007.

Professional Interests
Forest ecology, ecosystem carbon and water cycling, biometeorology

Current Projects
Our research projects at the Novick Lab are largely focused on explain spatial and temporal variation in the biosphere-atmosphere exchange of CO2 and H2O in the context of ongoing land use and climate change. Specific projects include:

  • Carbon and water cycling in a southern Appalachian hardwood forest in complex terrain (Collaboration with the USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory)
  • Exploring the role of prescribed burning and other management practices on ecosystem and water cycling in an old-growth loblolly pine forest (Collaboration with the USDA Forest Service).
  • Linking patterns of carbon allocation and assimilation to pine tree defense against attacking bark beetles.

Selected Publications
Full Vita

  • Novick, K., G.G. Katul, H.R. McCarthy, and R. Oren, 2012, Increased resin flow in mature pine trees growing under elevated CO2 and moderate soil fertility, Tree Physiology, 32, 752-763
  • Oishi, A.C., R. Oren, K.A. Novick, S. Palmroth, and G.G. Katul. 2010. Interannual invariability of forest evapotranspiration and its consequences to water flow downstream. Ecosystems 13: 421 – 436.
  • Novick, K.A., R. Oren, P. Stoy, M. Siqueira, and G.G. Katul, 2009. Nocturnal evapotranspiration in eddy-covariance records from three co-located ecosystems in the Southeastern U.S.: Implications for annual fluxes. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 149:1491-1504.
  • Novick, K.A., R. Oren, P. Stoy, J.Y. Juang, M. Siqueira, and G.G. Katul. 2009. The relationship between reference canopy conductance and simplified hydraulic architecture. Advances in Water Resources, 32:808-819.
  • Katul G and Novick K. 2009. Evapotranspiration. In: Gene E. Likens, (Editor) Encyclopedia of Inland Waters. Volume 1, pp. 661-667 Oxford: Elsevier.
  • Stoy PC, G.G. Katul, M.B.S. Siqueira, J.Y. Juang, K.A. Novick, H.R. McCarthy, A.C. Oishi, R. Oren. 2008. Role of vegetation in determining carbon sequestration along ecological succession in the southeastern United States. Global Change Biology, 14:1409-1427.
  • Juang J-Y, G.G. Katul, M.B.S. Siqueira, P.C. Stoy, and K. Novick. 2007. Separating the effects of albedo from eco-physiological changes on surface temperature along a successional chronosequence in the southeastern United States. Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L21408, doi:10.1029/2007GL031296.
  • Novick , K.A., P. C. Stoy, G. G. Katul, D. S. Ellsworth, M. B. S. Siqueira, J. Juang, R. Oren. 2004. Carbon dioxide and water vapor exchange in a warm temperate grassland. Oecologia, 138:259-274.