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Part-time Instructors Directory

Stephen Glaholt

Lab Director IU, SPEA
(812) 855-7980
SPEA Room 412

M.S., Miami University, 2003
B.S., University of California Santa Barbara, 1998

Professional Interests
Limnology, Ecology, Environmental Toxicology, and Environmental Genomics

Current Projects
Our current research projects focus on identifying the mechanisms associated with susceptibility in natural aquatic populations. To achieve this endeavor we incorporate ecology, ecotoxicology, molecular, and genomic tools.

Selected Publications

  • Glaholt SP, Chen CY, Demidenko E, Bugge DM, Folt CL, Shaw JR. “Adaptive iterative design (AID): A novel approach for evaluating the interactive effects of multiple stressors on aquatic organisms.” Science of the Total Environment (In press 2012).
  • Asselman J, Glaholt SP, Smith Z, Smagghe G, Janssen CR, Colbourne JK, Shaw JR, De Schamphelaere K. “Functional characterization of four metallothionein genes in Daphnia pulex exposed to environmental stressors.” Aquatic Toxicology (2012).
  • De Schamphelaere K, Glaholt SP, Asselman J, Messiaen M, De Coninck D, Janssen C, Colbourne J, Shaw J. "Will genetic adaptation of natural populations to chemical pollution result in lower or higher tolerance to future climate change?” Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (2011).
  • Shaw JR, Colbourne JK, Davey JC, Glaholt SP, Hampton T, Chen CY, Folt CL, Hamilton J. “Gene response profiles for Daphnia pulex exposed to the environmental stressor cadmium reveals novel crustacean metallothioneins.” BMC Genomics (2007).
  • Shaw JR, Glaholt SP, Greenberg N, Sierra-Alvarez R, Folt CL. “Acute toxicity of arsenic to Daphnia pulex: Influence of organic functional groups and oxidation state.” Environmental Toxicology Chemistry (2007).
  • Glaholt SP and Vanni MJ. “Ecological responses to simulated benthic-derived nutrient subsidies mediated by omnivorous fish.” Freshwater Biology (Stoichiometry Special Issue 2005).
  • Cottingham KL, Glaholt SP and Brown AC. “Zooplankton community structure affects how phytoplankton respond to nutrient pulses.” Ecology (2004).