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Part-time Instructors Directory

Our part-time instructors, through their professional experience, and partnering with the faculty of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, are helping to tackle the pressing issues of our time while training the next generation of problem-solvers.

Faculty Member Contact Info Interests
system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameAdam Abelkop
Ph.D. Student, Joint Ph.D. in Public Policy

Environmental Law, Risk Regulation, Tort Law, Law and Economics, Institutional Analysis

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameUsman Ali
Ph.D. Student

Effect of Health Policy on Affordability and Access to Healthcare

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameElizabeth Baldwin
Ph.D. Candidate

Public Administration, Public Policy Implementation, Statekholder Involvement in the Policy Process, Energy Policy, Water Policy, Implementation in Developing Countries, International Environmental Law

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameWilliam (Bill) J. Beggs
Attorney. Bunger and Robertson

Health Care Law, Employment and Labor Law, Business Entities, and Commercial and Civil Litigation

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameMark Bennett
Wildlife Biologist, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Fisheries and Wildlife Management

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJoel Bolinger
Ph.D. Student, Joint Program in Public Policy

American Politics and Social Policy, Theories of Public Policy, and Youth Development

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDouglas Booher
Director, Indiana University Auditorium

Performing arts center management

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameTribble Bradley
Chief Network Systems Architect, UITS, IUB

Information Technology Management, Software Architecture and Development

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameGary L. Branham
Organizational Ombudsman, IRS, Washington, D.C.

Conflict Management, Mediation, Negotiation, Diversity and Inclusion

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameWilliam M. Brown, AIA
Director of Sustainability

Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Architectural and Urban Design, Renewable Energy, Organizational Change Leadership, Campus Sustainability

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameLindsey Bullinger
Ph.D. Student

Child and Family Policy, Women's Health Policy, Policy Analysis, Public Finance

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameChaeyoung Chang

Public Management, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Policy Analysis, Obesity and Mental Health Policy, Nonprofit Management and Civil Society

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameStephen Condrey
President, Condrey and Associates, Inc.

Human Resource Management

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDavid Cox
Attorney, Monticello, IL

Environmental/International Law

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameKyla Cox-Deckard
Director of Public Relations and Community Outreach, Indiana University

Public Relations, Community Leadership Development, Communications, Political Participation and Nonprofit Leadership

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameGreg Crouch
Director, Radiological Safety

Development of Regulatory Based Radiological Health and Safety Programs for Institutional Settings, Communication of Relative Health Risks of Radiation Hazards in the Context of Other Environmental Hazards, Public Health Risks of Nuclear Technologies

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameRichard Darko
Registered Indiana Mediator and Attorney (retired)

Public Sector Labor Law

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameMehmet Akif Demircioglu
Ph.D. Student, Public Affairs

Government and Governance Reforms, Organizational Change, Innovation, Public Organizations, Public Management, Organization Theory, Organizational Behavior, Comparative Public Administration, Scholarship and Teaching of Public Administration

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDawne DiOrio
Public Health Advisor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Adjunct Faculty

Health Care Management and Policy

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameChris Doran
Adjunct Instructor, SPEA

Environmental Studies, Social Movements, Development Issues

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameLauren Dula

Nonprofit and Public Management, Organizational Behavior, Volunteerism, Civic Engagement and Civil Society, Social Network Analysis, Nonprofit-Governmental Intersectoral Relations and Community Organizing

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJeffrey Ehman
Director of Midwest Operations, Image Matters LLC

Vector-Based GIS

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameChris England
SPEA Director of IT, Geological Sciences IT Manager

Information Technology, IT Infrastructures, Project Management, Non-profit/Public Sector Technology

Image not available Graham Epstein

Image not available John Fox
Owner, Fox Personal Finance


system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameMark Fraley
Assistant Director and Academic Specialist (LAMP Program) Indiana University

Politics, Public Policy, Advocacy, Social Relations, Governmental Affairs

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameVickie Fry
University Tax Manager, FMS, IU

Taxation, Not for Profit Accounting

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameLouis Fucilla
Ph.D. Student, Joint Program in Public Policy

Public Policy, Public Management, and American Political Science

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameKaren Gahl-Mills
Executive Director of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Cleveland, Ohio

Cultural Policy, Nonprofit Governance and Improving Financial Literacy for Nonprofit Executives

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameSumit Ganguly
Professor of Political Science, Indiana University, Rabindranath Tagore Chair, Indian Cultures and Civilizations

International Relations and World Politics, Comparative Politics (South Asia, Southeast Asia), Ethnopolitics, Regional Security, Nuclear Strategy and Arms Control, Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameLori Arnold Garraghty
CFRE, MPA, Director of Development, Stone Belt Arc

Fund Development, Philanthropy, and Nonprofit Management & Leadership

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameEd Gerrish
Ph.D. Student

Program Evaluation, Performance Management, Statistical Methodology and State and Federal Tax Policy

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameShawna Girgis
Mayor Bedford Indiana

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameStephen Glaholt
Lab Director IU, SPEA

Limnology, Ecology, Environmental Toxicology, and Environmental Genomics

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDavid Gregoire
Director of Funding, Training and Strategic Planning Solution Tree, Inc.

Career Development/Professional Development

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameNoah Hammarlund

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJim Hanchett
Director of Marketing and Communication, SPEA

Video production; Writing for social media, Internet, magazines and recruiting materials; Interviewing and live television techniques

Image not available Gregory Hanek

Information Technology

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameRichard Hansen
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Monroe County Indiana

Crime and Delinquency, Constitutional Law, Law Enforcement, Courtroom Advocacy

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameStephen M. Harper
Assistant General Counsel, Indiana University

Higher Education Law, K-12 Education Law, Employment Law

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameRex Howard
Hazardous Materials Specialist

Hazardous Materials

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameHyunkang Hur
Ph.D. Candidate in Public Affairs

Job Security and Job Insecurity, Pay for Performance, Public Service Motivation, Civil Service Reform, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management

Image not available Julie James

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDave Jones

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJames S. Julovich
Principle Systems Analyst and Oncourse Specialist

Computers in Public Affairs and Business, and Managing Information Technology

Image not available Sun Young Kim
Ph.D. Candidate, Public Affairs

Public Management, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Quantitative Research Methods

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameMindy Hightower King
Evaluation Manager

Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameChristopher Kohler
Laboratory Safety Manager, Indiana University

Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene, Geology, Environmental Remediation, Hazardous Waste

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameMark Kruzan
Mayor of Bloomington

Government, Politics and Civil Engagement

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameShokhrukh Irkinovich Kurbanov
Ph.D. Student, Public Affairs

State and Local Revenue Policy, Debt Management, Budgeting, Capital Budgeting, Benefit-cost Analysis

Image not available Dae Woo Lee
Ph.D. Candidate in Public Policy

National/International Politics, Policies, Social Policies

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDavid Hyuck Lee
Ph.D. Student, Public Affairs

Managing Behaviors in Public Management Network

Image not available Shinwoo Lee
Ph.D. Student

Public Management, Organizational Behavior, Financial Management

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/namePhil Lehmkuhler
Indiana State Director, USDA Rural Development

Economic Development, Human Resources

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameHelen Liu
Assistant Professor

Nonprofit Management, Interorganizational Networks, Social Service Provision, Collaborative Governance, Crowdsourcing Government

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDanielle McClelland
Executive Director, Buskirk-Chumley Theater , Director, PRIDE Film Festival

Arts and Social Justice, Performing Arts, Screenwriting, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Community Organizing, Community Engagement

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDick McGarvey
Retired Senior Lecturer, SPEA

Public Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Career Development

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameMichael D. McGinnis
Professor, Political Science and Senior Research Fellow, Ostrom Workshop

Health Care Policy in the U.S., Public Policy and Institutional Analysis (U.S. Healthcare Policy), Theories of Public Policy; Religion, Politics, and Public Policy

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameKellie McGiverin-Bohan
Ph.D. Student, Public Affairs

Nonprofit Financial Management, Nonprofit Tax Policy, Nonprofit Demography, Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameEugene B. McGregor Jr.
Professor Emeritus

Interaction of public policy, organizational structure, and management practice. Special interest in the relationship between education and economic development and in the impacts of information technology on the structure and management of public and nonprofit enterprise

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJessica N. McKamey
Academic Advisor, SPEA Undergraduate Program

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJoel McKay
School Counselor, Monroe County Community Schools

Career Education and Development

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJames McLary

Transportation for Seniors & Persons with Disabilities, Model Railroading, Owner of Local Taxi Company

Image not available Donna McLean

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDeborah Myerson
Principal, Deborah Myerson Planning and Development Consulting

Housing, Urban Revitalization, Sustainable Development, Community Planning/Design

Image not available Becky Nesbit

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameEric Neuburger
Associate Athletic Director for Facilities and External Alliances, Indiana University

Management, Development, Law, Sports Administration, Public Policy

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameMark Niswander
Electronic Document Storage Manager

Information Technology Management, Electronic Document Storage, Data and Information Systems for Recordkeeping, Enterprise Content Management, Desktop and Application Virtualization

Image not available M. Dave O'Guinn
Associate General Counsel Indiana University

Employment Law, Student & Faculty Affairs, Athletics, Litigation

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameAviva Orenstein
Professor of Law and Val Nolan Faculty Fellow

Evidence Law, Children and the Law, Pro Bon Family Law

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDonald Petkus
Former Integrated Logistics Support Manager, Naval Sea Systems Command

National Security, Intelligence/Military Affairs, Professional Ethics, Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Image not available Teddie Phillipson

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameSarah Powers
Lab Manager, Clean Lakes Program and volunteer Lake Monitoring, Volunteer Lake Monitoring Coordinator

Freshwater resources

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameNatalia Rayzor
PHR, Employee Development Officer, IU Credit Union

Human Resources, Diversity

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameGeorge Rehrey
Principal Instructional Consultant, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program

Classroom Instruction

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJohn Rupp
Senior Research Scientist, Indiana University

Subsurface Geology, Unconventional Reservoir Analysis, Carbon Sequestration, Public Information Management, Program Development, Personnel and Project Management

Image not available James Russell
Director of Leveraged Resources, College IT Office (CITO)

Information Technology

Image not available Oral Saulters
Ph.D. Student

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJean Scallon

Suicide Prevention, Women in Healthcare, Telehealth Initiatives, Healthcare Leadership

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDebra Schneck
Ph.D Student, Public Affairs

Emergency Management, Network Analysis, Complex Adaptive Systems, Intergovernmental Relations, Organizational Behavior & Leadership, Collaboration & Improvisation Theories

Image not available Paul Schneller
Adjunct Instructor

Sustainable Development

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameChris Schrader
President Schrader & Associates

Public Policy

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameGlenda Schulz
Career Counselor, SPEA

Career Development

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameCaroline Shaw
Adjunct Instructor, SPEA

Health Facility Services

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameLuke M. Shimek
Ph.D., Joint Public Policy

Comparative Public Administration, Institutional Analysis, Formal Modeling, Methodology

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameKathleen McDonald Siegmann
President and CEO, Career Investments

Career Investments

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameMegan Siehl

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameThomas Simon
Adjunct Professor

Environmental Indicators; fish and crayfish assemblage structure; and reproductive biology and early life history of fishes; aquatic ecology

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/namePamela Sklar
Human Resource Director

Labor Relations, Human Resources Management

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameHope Snodgrass
Development Assistant, Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/namePeg Stice
Co-Director, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Fundraising, mentoring, diversity, international development

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameAaron Sudduth

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameKohei Suzuki
Ph.D. Student

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameMichael R. Trexler
Adjunct Instructor

Public Finance, Budgeting and Education

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameTevi Troy
President, American Health Policy Institute

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJessica Ulm
Ph.D. Student, International Educational Policy Studies

Monitoring the Right to Education, Education Policy, Human Right Education, Business and Human Rights

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameTerry Usrey
Senior Lecturer (Retired)

e-Government, Information Technology Policy, and Information Technology Management

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameGreg Valenta

Capital Budgeting and Project Evaluation, Financial Statement Analysis, Not-for-Profit Management

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameVickie VanDeventer
Director of Emergency Management

Infection Control, Emergency Management

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameFrank J. Vilardo
Associate Professor Emeritus

Public and private health administration, focusing on injuries as a public health problem from a behavioral perspective. Drunk-driver countermeasures, transportation incidents involving radioactive materials, enforcement of local retail food inspection laws

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameLester Wadzinski
Adjunct Instructor, Retired from U.S. Forest Service

Natural Resource Management, Outdoor Recreation, Wildland Fire Management

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/namePhoebe Wakhungu
Adjunct Instructor

Education Policy Analysis, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods in Education Research, Survey Methodology and the Effects of Postecondary Financng and Institutional Contexts on Students' Academic Attainment

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameSeth Wanlass
Senior System Administrator

Information Technology, IT Policy, Compliance

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDale Weigel
Retired U.S. Forest Service

Forest Ecology, Forest Management, GIS and Remote Sensing

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameDavid Welch
Federal Administrative Law Judge

Administrative Law, Law and Public Policy and Public Law and the Legistative Process

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameZach Wendling
Ph.D. Student

Environmental Policy, Energy Policy, Policy Analysis, Information Economics

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameJames L. Whitlatch
Partner, Bunger & Robertson

Health Care Law, Employment and Labor Law, Business Entities, and Commercial and Civil Litigation

Ph.D. Student, Public Finance and Public Management

Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting, Municipal Market and Tax Policy

system-data-structure/profiles/thumb-image/nameShuang Zhao
Joint Ph.D. Candidate Public Policy Education, Indiana University SPEA

Environmental Policy, Environmental Equity, International Relations, Global Governance, China's Foreign Policy, Political Economy in the United States and China