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What is the Civic Leaders Center?


The Civic Leaders Center aims to attract, encourage, and support students from all disciplines interested in both helping to solve collective problems and in taking a leadership role in public, civic, and philanthropic affairs. Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs opened the Civic Leaders Center, a residential community for first-year students in Bloomington, in August 2013. 

Students in the Civic Leaders program will learn the stories, standards, and strategies that form the core of civic leadership and that will enable them to address social problems and contribute to policy debates. They will receive ample encouragement, attention, and resources during the first year of their college career. In return, the students will be expected to assume leadership roles during their remaining years at IU and in their communities for years to come. The students will live together in the recently renovated Briscoe Residence Center, take one academic class per semester with others in the group, participate in weekly training sessions, and engage with leaders from across the campus, state, and country. 

To broaden their leadership potential, students in the Civic Leaders program will be encouraged to immerse themselves fully in the life of the university. The Civic Leaders Center will be a close-knit community in which faculty, staff, and alumni will mentor students and teach them how to maximize an IU education and launch careers that include a meaningful civic or service component.