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SPEA Alumnus Will Run State Budget Office

November 28, 2012
Bloomington, Indiana --

Governor-elect Mike Pence (R.-Indiana) has chosen IU Bloomington School of Public and Environmental Affairs alumnus Chris Atkins to direct the state’s Office of Management and Budget.

Atkins received a dual Master of Public Affairs-Doctor of Jurisprudence (MPA-JD) degree from SPEA and the Maurer School of Law in 2001.

Atkins is Pence’s first cabinet appointment. He served as policy director for Pence’s gubernatorial campaign and was general counsel and policy director in Gov. Mitch Daniels’ budget office.

One of Atkins’ mentors is SPEA professor John Mikesell. Atkins was a student in Mikesell’s V609 class in revenue theory and administration and the two have remained in close contact since.

“This is an excellent choice by the governor-elect,” Mikesell said. “Based on his performance in our classrooms and his strong professional record, Chris is certain to excel in his new and challenging position.”

In a press release announcing the appointment, Pence said, "Chris's expertise in fiscal policy and his background in Governor Daniels' Office of Management and Budget will be invaluable to our administration. Chris will head up our efforts to expand the Daniels fiscal legacy by working with the General Assembly to pass honestly balanced budgets, maintain strong reserves, pay down our debt and reduce taxes."

Pence will take the oath of office on January 14th.

This story offers more background on Atkins and his duties: