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FAQ’s about the Healthcare Management and Policy Program

December 16, 2013

SPEA’s Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) degree renamed the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy (BSHMP).

Q: Why was this change made?

A: The importance of health care is rising rapidly and so are employment opportunities in this area. Health spending represents over 1/6th of the US economy. SPEA has a strong tradition of preparing students for exciting careers in healthcare management and policy but needed a name that better described the skills our program provides.

Q: What degree name will print on my diploma?

A: If you enter Indiana University in January 2014 or after, the new degree name will print on your diploma. If you are a current student who entered before then, you will have the choice between the BSHMP and BSPH although we encourage you to choose the new degree name.

Q. Will my curriculum requirements change?

A: No changes have been made to the curriculum requirements.