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Two SPEA Alumni Help Lead Award Winning Medical Charity

January 7, 2013
Bloomington, Indiana --

Sarah Hollis and Kathy Morris use their SPEA educations to help people around the world in need of medical care. The organization they represent is now getting attention in a way that will allow Hollis, Morris and their colleagues to serve many more patients and communities.

Hollis and Morris work for Timmy Global Health, a small Indianapolis-based organization that coordinates volunteer medical professionals and students who provide health care in developing countries.

Timmy recently received a $250,000 grant through the Chase American Giving Awards broadcast on NBC television. The awards are determined by online voting. The broadcast audience saw this inspiring video about Timmy’s work.

Morris, a 2010 SPEA graduate with a Masters in Nonprofit Management and Policy Analysis, is the Programs Coordinator at Timmy. Hollis, a 2012 MPA with concentrations in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship, is the Development and Communications Coordinator. Click here for more information on Kathy and Sarah.

“Timmy Global Health’s participation in the American Giving Awards isn’t just about the money we’ll be receiving for our programs,” Hollis said. “The $250,000 will certainly allow us to increase the number of student chapters we work with across the country, grow the number of patients and communities that we are able to treat in our developing world clinics and fuel the fight against global health disparities at a greater level than ever before. But the real win is about the level of exposure that we gained through the voting period and the awards show. We were able to reach out to and get support from huge assets like the Colts, the governor’s office, IU Health and the Medical School and the IU Alumni Association. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to maintain these relationships and cultivate some of these incredible networks into longtime donors for Timmy.”