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Indiana University

Bill Jones on Indiana Watersheds

July 16, 2010
Bloomington, Indiana -- Local watershed management coalitions are springing up across the state. One such organization new to the game is the West-Central Indiana Watershed Alliance.

“A watershed is an area of land that drains into a body of water. And you can actually think of them kind of like those Russian nesting dolls where one stacks inside another and stacks inside another,” said Coordinator Lisa Holscher.

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Griffy Lake Area Improving, But Still Needs Work

The Griffy Lake Nature Preserve on Bloomington’s north side is the perfect place to escape with a fishing pole. However, the area that is a peaceful natural retreat for many, is a work in progress for its keepers.

Bill Jones led the creation of the first Griffy Lake Management plan in the early 1980s. He is a professor at IU’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and an expert on watershed management.

“When it came to doing the updated master plan, it was actually kind of surprising that the original master plan in ‘83 was still being implemented twenty years after it was done,” said Jones. “Doesn’t mean it was a great plan or that the city was particularly slow. Just meant that these things take time, and the city’s been, I think, doing things right that way by not rushing in looking at the long term.”

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