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Indiana University

SPEAking Out

From time to time, IU SPEA faculty express their opinions in a variety of arenas, from newspaper op-eds and blogs to magazine articles and video interviews.

A. James Barnes Op-Ed on Congress and an energy plan appeared in 39 papers nationwide including Atlanta Constitution and Des Moines Register. For complete listing go here.

EPA's new rules to combat climate change is needed because Congress failed to act
by A. James Barnes
Jennifer L. Brass In the real Djibouti, life's not a thriller
by Jennifer L. Brass
Leslie Lenkowsky Despite High-Profile 'Three Cups’ Controversy, Nonprofit Fraud Isn’t Widespread 

A Foundation’s Report on Its Failings Should Spur Reflection Among Grant Makers 

Why Philanthropy Should Welcome the Tea Party

Why Antipoverty Efforts Must Not Neglect Fathers
by Leslie Lenkowsky
Matt Auer The lessons in Hungary’s sludge
by Matt Auer
John D. Graham Can Electric Vehicles Take Off? A Roadmap to Find the Answer

Update ethanol subsidies to pressure OPEC
by John D. Graham, Dean
Rafael Reuveny Unilateral strike on Iran could trigger world depression
by Rafael Reuveny