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Indiana University

John Zody (BSPA’01)

So many constituents are reaching out to Hill’s offices, telephone lines are jammed and mail is overflowing. “The health care debate is fully on … knowing how important this issue is, our staff was prepared and it’s an ‘all hands on deck’ atmosphere,” Zody says.

Rep. Hill named 32-year-old Zody Chief of Staff in February, bringing this Martinsville native to the infamous culture of politics in Washington D.C. Although calling D.C. home is new to Zody, he’s certainly no political neophyte. He has worked in Indiana government at nearly every level, and most recently served as Rep. Hill’s district director in the southern Indiana Ninth District.

Prior to working for Hill, he worked for governors O’Bannon and Kernan, both in their offices and on their campaigns. He began working for Gov. O’Bannon in 2000, and was able to hone his campaign management skills. He takes pride in his SPEA degree, and he doesn’t forget the impact it had on his career. He says it taught him practical applications in policy – not just theoretical aspects.

“I take a look at the Capitol dome and realize that what is done out here – despite the political nature of everything – it really is something that can be great and do some real good for the country,” Zody says.