Tima Moldogaziev

Transplanting the Dream
Ph.D., Public Finance and Public Management

Born in the small farming community of Jarkymbaevo in the Kyrgyz Republic in central Asia, Tima Moldogaziev promised his grandfather he would get a Ph.D. one day. He had never heard of the state of Indiana before coming to IU in 2000 to begin work on his master’s degree in political science, but he quickly grew to love the Hoosier state. “I had mixed feelings before I arrived in Bloomington,” Tima said. “But a tour of the campus and meetings with faculty and staff convinced me that IU was the place to be.”

After completing his master’s degree, Tima returned to the Kyrgyz Republic and worked as an instructor of comparative politics and research methods at American University of Central Asia. But his lifelong dream of obtaining a Ph.D. never faded, and in 2006, he came back to Bloomington not only for SPEA’s highly ranked public finance and public management programs, but for a little Hoosier camaraderie. “At that point,” Tima recalled, “I missed the friendly and peaceful Hoosiers very much.”

Tima is working toward achieving his doctoral dream, and he hopes his SPEA education will help him make another dream reality: improving education in the Kyrgyz Republic. “My home country is mainly an agricultural society, where many young and talented individuals are struggling to gain access to affordable and quality education,” Tima says. “My dream is that more students from central Asia will be able to come to SPEA.”