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Indiana University

David Gehl (MPA/MSES '10)

Working Locally, Thinking Globally
MPA/MSES May 2010

David Gehl is on a mission to solve big environmental problems. From 2003 to 2005, the San Diego native worked in Senegal as an environmental education volunteer with the Peace Corps, an experience that enabled him to see firsthand how large-scale environmental policy can impact people locally. “Working on environmental problems at the local level made me realize that even the best local solutions are dependent upon well-formulated, comprehensive policies at the macro level,” David said.

David wants to influence policies to address what he believes is one of the world’s greatest challenges: climate change. A student in the Master of Public Affairs/Master of Science in Environment Science dual-degree program, he is pursuing a specialized concentration in climate science and policy, and is confident his SPEA education will give him the tools he needs to be an effective force for change.

“This problem is so great in scope and magnitude that the only way to really deal effectively with it is to understand as many aspects of the problem as possible,” David said. “The SPEA dual-degree program is helping me to understand the scientific, political, and economic considerations involved.”