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Indiana University

Isaiah Kuch (MPA '10)

Rebuilding Home
MS Public Affairs

After being a refugee in Ethiopia and Kenya, Isaiah Kuch came to the United States as a teenager in 1989 to escape civil war in his birthplace of Sudan. “Those childhood experiences pushed me toward public policy,” he said. “It is important to have people in place who understand policy and what is actually good for the public.”

Isaiah is already actively involved in helping to rebuild his home community, Juet, which has been ravaged by decades of civil war. Juet Community Rehabilitation Services is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide clean water, education, and health services to the people in his home village. Isaiah has served the organization as its vice president and as its secretary to the board of directors. “There are about 90 of us here in the states, and we work to help rebuild the village through partnerships with churches and schools, and fundraising,” Isaiah said. “We want to make life a little bit easier for them.”

Following SPEA, Isaiah wants to advise and influence public policy. “I know I can help those who are publicly elected make good decisions. That’s where a strong SPEA education is very critical.”