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Indiana University

Candene Myers (MSES '11)

This Land Is My Land
MS Environmental Science

Growing up in a developing country taught Candene Myers a lesson that has shaped her educational path: “It showed me how dependent we are on our environment and the need to manage and protect it well,” she said. “In Jamaica, there’s a lot of land degradation due to overuse and pollution, and we don’t have much money for proper infrastructure or environmental management.”

Because people in developing nations depend on their own land for sustenance far more than those in industrialized countries, government corruption and poverty facilitate the unjust distribution of quality arable land. “If someone’s land doesn’t work for them,” Candene said, “they can’t eat. They can’t provide for their kids. They starve and die.”

After completing her SPEA degree, Candene plans to work to improve the quality of land for people in Africa. “I hope to use my master’s to work in the field of restoration ecology to uplift people who have been oppressed and suffering from poverty by giving them healthy, productive land they can use to support themselves from,” she says.