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Indiana University

Elli Plunkett

A New, Sustainable Path
BS Public Affairs, Management

Elli Plunkett came to IU as a business management major, but a SPEA course with Professor Michael Edwards set her down a different path. “I realized how disturbed I was by the mistreatment of and disrespect for our earth’s resources,” she said. Elli switched from business to public affairs, enabling her to fuse her love of management with her desire to protect the environment.

As a freshman, Elli began volunteering with several local organizations and created promotional materials for the Bloomington Center for Sustainable Living and the Local Growers Guild. “As I became more educated and got more involved, I saw the profusive presence of sustainable lifestyles and advocacy in Bloomington,” Elli said. “There are endless possibilities for involvement in this community.”

A native of Chicago, Elli dreams of tackling what she sees as our planet’s most important problem: preserving natural resources for future generations. Whether she pursues a career in nonprofit management, corporate management, or policy advocacy, Elli has one enduring goal: “I plan to change the world.”