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Indiana University

Andrew Stancati

Continuing the Legacy
BS Public Affairs, Environmental Management

Andrew Stancati’s father, a corporate lawyer, taught him never to accept anything at face value. “If you never question what people say,” Andrew said, “then you will never know anything for yourself.”

This philosophy is precisely why Andrew values SPEA’s hands-on approach. In V161 Urban Problems and Solutions, he participated in a mock city council meeting as a restaurant owner attempting to grow his business. “It was stimulating because I had to come up with a convincing approach that would allow me to expand my restaurant,” said Andrew, a Toledo, Ohio, native who transferred to IU because of SPEA’s strong environmental management program. “It taught me about policy implementation and how city councils function.”

Bringing the generations full circle, Andrew hopes to practice law, with a focus on environmental issues. He feels like he when he came to IU, he came to the right place to realize his dream. “SPEA is where I belong, because I can use my analytical skills and intuitive thinking to become a strong leader in public affairs.”