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Public Policy and Public Affairs

Academic year
SPEA awards fellowships and a number of GA positions each academic year. These are determined by the Ph.D. in Public Affairs and Public Policy Admissions and Policy Committees. The types of awards available are listed below.

  1. Fellowships are awarded to selected students for a period of anywhere from one to three years. Typically a fellowship provides a stipend and a fee remission for an academic year. Fellowship recipients must be enrolled for a minimum of eight (8) credit hours per semester.

    • The Rutledge Minority Pre-doctoral Fellowship is a merit-based award available to minority incoming doctoral students consisting of a one-year fellowship and two years of departmental graduate assistantship. The stipend is $14,000 per year and includes 12 credit hours fee remission per semester. Students must be nominated by SPEA and should contact Donna Pritchett for further information.  
    • The Educational Opportunity Fellowship (EOF) is a needs-based fellowship award for under-represented minority masters and doctoral students. Applicants must demonstrate need, be a U.S. citizen, and accepted to an IU graduate program. The award consists of $750 per semester and $350 for the summer and allows non-Indiana residents to pay in-state tuition for 12 credit hours per academic year semester. A student may receive the EOF a maximum of two times. Students must be nominated by SPEA for this award and should contact Donna Pritchett for further information.  
    • The Roy W. Shin Fellowship was established to honor Professor Emeritus Roy W. Shin. The fellowship supports doctoral students doing dissertation research in energy or environmental policy in northeast Asia and those who intend to pursue a career in teaching and research activities.
      Amount: up to $5,000
      • Doctoral doing dissertation research
      • Outstanding academic achievement
      • Preference is given to students doing research in energy or environmental policy in northeast Asia
      For more information and to apply please contact Donna Pritchett.
  2. Research Assistantships: With a research assistantship, a student will assist a faculty member with a research project. These positions often are funded through grants received by individual professors. The research conducted with the faculty member should be of interest to the student. For this reason, students often spend much more than 20 hours per week performing duties.

    Students in the Ph.D. programs in Public Affairs and in Public Policy are strongly encouraged to gain some instructional experience.

    Typically, doctoral students are assigned as an Associate Instructor (AI). An AI is the instructor of record and has primary responsibility for organization and delivery of a course. A doctoral student may design a topics course, usually given as V540 Topics in Environmental Affairs, or may take responsibility for a regular course offered either at the undergraduate or graduate level. Doctoral students should be aware that course scheduling is done six to eight months in advance and plan accordingly with their major advisor and the Program Office.

    *Students holding appointments as associate instructors, graduate assistants, or research assistants ordinarily must be registered for 9 credit hours during each full semester and 3 credit hours (4 credit hours in case of 4-credit courses) during the summer session to be considered full time. They may count work required by their appointments toward computation of full-time graduate work. Taking less than 12 credit hours per semester should be discussed with the Chair of the student’s Advisory or Research Committee.

    The IU Bloomington Career Development Center provides information about both off-campus and on-campus employment.
The Summer Research Incentive Fellowship is a $1,500 award for graduate students who have submitted an application for an external fellowship to an eligible funding agency. This is available only for students with less than 20 credit hours and serves as an incentive for seeking outside funding. Information on this award can be obtained by contacting the University Graduate School, Kirkwood Hall 111, Phone # (812) 855-8854.
International Programs Awards
Grants for Graduate Students:
Contact Rose Vondrasek, Franklin Hall 315.
Phone # (812) 855-7557. E-mail
Web site:
Grants-in-Aid of Research is available to Ph.D. candidates and provides a $1,000 award. Deadlines are in the fall and spring.

The Esther Kinsley Ph.D. Dissertation Award provides $1,000 for recent Ph.D. graduates.

Information on these awards can be obtained by contacting the University Graduate School at Kirkwood Hall 111, Phone # (812) 855-8854.
External Funding Sources
SPEA's Ph.D. program maintains a list of external fellowship opportunities and grants for Ph.D. Students at

Additional websites with valuable information and miscellaneous funding opportunities are listed below.
Various Programs
There are several awards and grants programs that may be of relevance for a specific graduate student. For example, there are intercampus grant programs and research initiatives coordinated through the Office of the Vice President for Research that could provide support for a graduate student at any of the eight IU campuses.

Committee for Institutional Cooperation (CIC)
Indiana University is a member institution of the Committee for Institutional Cooperation (CIC). The CIC coordinates several student academic opportunities ranging from study abroad programs, language programs, and study at other CIC-member universities. Further information can be found at

GradGrants Center (GGC)
With guidance from the Awards and Financial Aid Committee, the staff of the University Graduate School runs the GradGrants Center to assist, without charge, graduate students in finding sources of "external" funding and in writing and submitting applications for fellowships and grants.

Located in room 1052E on the 10th floor of the Research Collection in the IUB Main Library, the GradGrants Center consultants hold regular office hours and assist students who request searches of several databases which contain thousands of external funding sources for graduate students. Several reference books covering a broad range of topics also are available for use by students.

The GradGrantline, the Center's newsletter, which provides relevant information and regularly lists additional funding opportunities, is available online. Also available online is the GradGrant's Center's bulletin board, "Indiana University Student Academic Appointment Vacancies"
( This site allows departments to add and delete their vacancy notices and provides students with a central list of open positions on campus. In addition, the Center distributes, without cost to students, its 218 page booklet, "Writing Fellowship and Grant Proposals: A Guide for Graduate Students."

Further information about the GradGrants Center and its services can be obtained by calling (812) 855-5281, by e-mailing, or by going to

International Projects
Support programs for some international projects are available to graduate students. For further information, contact the IU Office of International Programs, Franklin Hall 311. Phone # (812) 855-9382.

Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA)
Information regarding student loans is available from the Office of Student Financial Assistance in Franklin Hall 208. Phone # (812) 855-0321. E-mail: Web site:

Moreover, awards and grants for graduate students frequently are available from an academic school, such as the IUB College of Arts and Sciences, as well as from academic departments, research centers, area studies programs, and research programs administered by individual faculty members. Graduate students should be alert to these sources of support.

Under-represented groups

Programs of support for students from under-represented groups on the Bloomington campus are available through the Office of Fellowships and Support Programs of the University Graduate School. For further information, contact Yolanda Treviño, Assistant Dean, the University Graduate School, Kirkwood Hall 111, 130 South Woodlawn Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47405. Phone # (812) 856-4555. Fax # (812) 855-4266. E-mail:
Additional Grants and Information
Community of Science
Community of Science, Inc. (COS) is the leading Internet site for the global R&D community. COS brings together the world's most prominent scientists and researchers at more than 1,300 universities, corporations and government agencies worldwide. COS provides tools and services that enable these professionals to communicate, exchange information and find the people and technologies that are important to their work (

Directory of Research Centers and Institutes
The Web page provides contact information and a description of the activities of the more than 160 research centers and institutes in the statewide IU system.

NIH Research Supplements for Under-represented Minorities and Individuals with Disabilities
These programs of the National Institutes of Health are intended to attract minorities and individuals with disabilities into biomedical and behavioral research by means of relatively easy to obtain add-on supplements to existing NIH grants. Graduate students are eligible for the supplements. To facilitate the development of intercampus contacts between students and the IU principal investigators of NIH research grants. If you have questions or are interested, please contact Sponsored Research Services at (812) 855-0516.
To apply to one of SPEA's Ph.D. programs, please click here.