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Getting Settled in Bloomington

Welcome to Bloomington! In order to smooth the transition to your new community we have put together this handbook of frequently requested information and helpful hints. Please feel free to contact anyone in the Association of SPEA Ph.D. Students (ASPS) for help during this exciting time.


Graduate students may live either on or off campus.  The University provides a variety of on-campus housing options.  Eigenmann Hall, 1900 East Tenth Street, is reserved for single graduate students, and has a cafeteria, computer cluster, and air-conditioned rooms.   There are a number of IU apartment complexes available to married students and families.  Pets are not allowed in any of the IU Residence Halls.  Prices vary depending on apartment location, size and amenities.  For more information, contact the Halls of Residence, 801 N. Jordan, (812) 855-5601.  Their website is

Students may also lease IU-owned apartments and houses through the IU Real Estate Office.  All leases are for twelve months: typically from August 16 to August 14.  Utilities are included in the rent for some apartments; for houses, utilities are not included and the renter is also responsible for lawn care.  The Real Estate Office does not provide a roommate matching service.  Rent payments are handled through the Bursar’s Office.  Interested students should contact the Real Estate Office, 324 S. Henderson, (812)855-3054, to request an application.  A follow up interview must be completed before a lease agreement.

If you would prefer to live in non-University housing, there are a variety of options available. Prices are low compared to national markets. Most students make housing arrangements in April or May before the start of the fall semester. Options available in August will be limited. A fairly comprehensive listing of apartment complexes is available at the Apartment Guide Website,, and check out For shared housing, the classifieds listings on Onestart, the Graduate and Professional Students Organization Website, and Craigslist are probably the best place to start. The Herald Times and the Indiana Daily Student carry rental and real estate classifieds. Additional rental guides are available at most grocery stores and convenience stores around town. The IU Real Estate Office has a bulletin board listing of available non-University homes and apartments. Area realtors are listed in the Yellow Pages.

Phones and Utilities

AT&T (800-ATT-2020) and Smithville Telephone (812-828-2111) provide local phone service, along with DSL. AT&T also provides Internet and cable TV. Depending on your housing arrangement, you may be responsible for the following utilities:

Licenses and Car Insurance

The State of Indiana requires you to transfer all vehicles and licenses within 60 days of moving to Indiana. For more information on fees and requirements, contact the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (1612 S. Liberty Drive, 812-336-3018 or Students may not need to transfer vehicle registration to Indiana if they believe that they still legally reside in another state. However, if a student files an Indiana full-year resident income tax return, the Indiana Department of Revenue interprets this act, along with continuous presence in the state, as constituting Indiana residency: you may be assessed Indiana’s rather substantial vehicle excise tax on top of the vehicle excise tax paid in your former state of residence. Indiana State law requires auto insurance. Insurance agents are listed in the Yellow Pages.


Federal Tax Requirements for Graduate Students

For information on federal income tax requirements for graduate assistantships and fellowships, contact the U.S. Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-1040 or their Web site here. Federal tax forms are available at 206 South College Avenue and the IUB Main Library. State and federal tax forms are available at the Monroe County Public Library (303  E. Kirkwood) and the IUB Main Library.


There are a number of banks in Bloomington. The IU Credit Union, a low cost banking center for IU students, has a convenient branch office in the Indiana Memorial Union and an ATM machine in the Main Library. For information call (812) 855-7823. Other banks in the Bloomington area are below and listed in the yellow pages:

Child Care Options

The City of Bloomington provides a free Monroe County Guide to Child Care and Children’s Programs; phone (812)349-3430 to request a copy. The University also has childcare services; for more information go here.

The Campus Access Card

Campus Access Card serves as both your ID card, library card, and a debit card for on-campus financial transactions (banking transactions, ATM access, copier use, and the purchase of food on campus). IU students may obtain their Campus Access Card at the IU Book Store Service Center, 1910 E. 10th St. or the IU Bookstore (IMU), between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 pm. The Campus Access Card may be used at the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) Food Court, Burger King at the IMU, Main Library Food Court, Delights at the IMU, Sugar and Spice at the IMU, and all residence hall dining rooms, Briscoe 17th Street Café, Eigenmann International Marketplace, Gresham Food Court, McDonald’s at Read, and the Wright Food Court.