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Master of Science in Environmental Science

"A degree for the environmental professional"

The Master of Science in Environmental Science (MSES) program is a two-year, 48-credit hour, professional environmental science degree program.  MSES students become professionals with a mastery of environmental science, along with the analytical and policy skills necessary to apply that knowledge in a broader context across multiple employment sectors. See SPEA's MSES Viewbook for details.

SPEA offers an array of dual degree programs associated with the MSES program that range from two to four years in length. MSES students can take advantage of SPEA's nationally ranked MPA program through our distinctive MPA/MSES dual degree.  The MPA/MSES dual degree allows for the unique integration of science with policy and management, and can be completed in just 5 semesters (60 credit hours).  SPEA also offers MSES students the opportunity to obtain dual degrees in other
at Indiana University in only two years – the same time to earn the traditional MSES degree! Additionally, a Ph.D. in Environmental Science can be obtained after beginning studies in any of our MSES degree programs.

The primary objectives of the MSES program are to provide:

  • Rigorous training in a chosen environmental science specialization
  • Exposure to the broader interdisciplinary context necessary for developing solutions to complex environmental problems

 The MSES program consists of four components:

  1. Core Compentencies of Applied Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, Applied Math, Statistics, and Environmental Engineering OR Energy Systems Engineering, with a selection of courses in environmental policy, management, law and/or economics.
  2. Concentrations include Applied Ecology, Energy, Water Resources, or Environmental Chemistry/Toxicology/Risk Assessment.
  3. Experiential Requirement options include a summer internship, credit for prior professional experience or volunteer service, or research.
  4. Capstone Course options include either:
    1. a final course involving an integrative and multi-disciplinary group project and presentation OR
    2. a research/thesis degree option.