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Applying for Graduation

The online graduation application for December 2012 is no longer available. If you have not yet applied for December 2012, and need to do so, please make an appointment to meet with an advisor as soon as possible.

Commencement and SPEA Recognition Ceremony

Changing your Graduation Date

Applying for Graduation

Your coursework is walked in graduated, right?  Not necessarily.  All IU students must apply to graduate with their schools.  IUB does not automatically award degrees once requirements are complete; students need to declare their intention by completing a graduation application. 

SPEA students are asked to complete an online graduation application after they've registered their final semester of coursework--final spring semester for May, June, or August grads, final fall semester for December grads.  May, June and August grads are asked to comply with a December 1 deadline, December grads with a May 1 deadline.

The application is open for limited periods of time--seniors, please watch your email for information regarding how and when to apply.

Commencement and Recognition Ceremony

The Indiana University Commencement Ceremony is held twice a year--once for May, June, and August graduates in May, and once for December graduates in December.  All programming for the ceremony is coordinated through the Office of University Ceremonies.  More information on Commencement, such as times, parking, cap and gown rental, and directions for students and parents can be found at their website

SPEA hosts its own yearly Recognition Ceremony, as well, on the Friday evening preceding May Commencement.  Intended to honor our graduates and welcome their families to Bloomington, we begin with appetizers and desserts at a reception.  Then we enjoy a ceremony with SPEA speakers and the recognition of each student, whose name is called as they walk across the stage to shake the Dean's hand.  As you won't be recognized individually at IU Commencement, this is a great opportunity to celebrate your accomplishment with your family.  Any student graduating in December, May, June, or August of an academic year is welcome to participate.  Save-the-dates and invitations are sent to students.

Changing your Graduation Date

What if you intend to graduate in May, apply for May graduation, and find that you need to take a summer course after all?  Or you've planned an extra semester, but decide to finish early?  Not to worry--simply contact the SPEA advising office to submit a change of graduation date form.  Please do not apply for graduation again.  Please note: We do not automatically roll your graduation over.  You must submit for a change in your graduation date if you intend to graduate later than anticipated.