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Indiana University

Resources and Links

Indiana University is a big place--but fortunately, whatever you may need, there's someone to help. 


Remember, SPEA Admissions is separate from IU Admissions.  For information about applying to IU, arranging a campus visit, or transferring to IUB, visit:


Student Ethics and Policies

SPEA abides by all University policies and deadlines, in addition to its own Honor Code.


Did you know that neither SPEA nor IU can share your academic information with any third party--including your parents--without your consent?  The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the confidentiality of educational records.  This means that, if you would like a third party, such as your parents or an interviewer, to discuss your academic record with SPEA, we must have a signed release form on file.  You may download it here and return it to the SPEA Undergraduate Program Office.

Financial Help

From how to pay a bursar bill to sorting out a scholarship, these offices are here to help.   

University Offices and Services

Believe it or not, SPEA doesn't do it all--these offices will assist you when your need goes outside what we can help with.

Academic Information and Registration Help

Help with registration, transfer courses, and academic policies

Resources for Veterans and those Currently Serving

The Veterans Support Services Office is your home base on campus for questions, issues, or opportunities unique to veterans and those currently serving in the military.  Visit them in their offices in the Student Union Building.

Graduation and After SPEA

SPEA Tutors

We do our best to help you excel in your studies at Indiana University. We understand that sometimes you need help with a course or two, so we have collected a list of students who are offering tutoring assistance. Each of these students received a B+ or better in the course(s) they are offering their services for and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Whether or not these tutors request compensation is up to them, and any arrangements are to be made between the tutor and the tutee. Below is the list of courses we have tutors available for. If you would like more information, we have the list of student tutors available at the UPO front desk in SPEA room 240.

  • M118: Finite Mathematics
  • M119: Brief Survey of Calculus I
  • E201: Introduction to Microeconomics
  • E202: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • K300: Statistical Techniques
  • V246: Elements of Government and Nonprofit Financial Accounting Cycle
  • V361: Financial Management
  • V372: Government Finance and Budgets
  • H352/3: Health Finance and Budgeting/Advanced Course