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Admissions and Applying to SPEA


Registration and Deadlines

Degree Requirements, Majors, Minors, and Certificates

Transfer Credits and Grades

Study Abroad and Other Opportunities

Graduation, Transcripts, and After SPEA

Admissions and Applying to SPEA

What are SPEA’s admission requirements?
Admissions requirements (except for Arts Management majors) include completion of a minimum of 26 credit hours and a maximum of 75 credit hours, a minimum 2.300 cumulative grade point average, and completion of a core/major course with a C grade or higher. Arts Management majors must also complete a minimum of 26 credit hours and a maximum of 75 credit hours, but they must have earned a minimum 2.700 cumulative grade point average, and must complete SPEA-A163 Arts Worlds: Management, Markets, and Policy, with a C grade or higher.

Please visit our Admissions page for more information.

What is the SPEA application deadline?
Students may apply for admission to SPEA during the fall and spring semesters. The deadlines are December 1st for spring admission and May 1st for fall admission.

Can I speak to an advisor if I am not an admitted SPEA student?
Students who are interested in SPEA and would like additional information are welcome to first attend a session on SPEA degrees and planning for admission (includes individualized information for each student).  Register for a session online. We regret that we are not able to serve prospective students during walk-ins.

What degrees does SPEA award?
If you are completing a major in Public Financial Management, Management, Public and Nonprofit Management, Legal Studies, Policy Analysis, or Environmental Management, then you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (BSPA).

If you are completing a major in Health Administration, then you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) or a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy (BSHMP), depending upon your admission date.

If you are completing a concentration in Ecosystem Science, Hydrology and Water Resources, General Environmental Science, Pollution Control, or Technology and Remediation, then you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSES).

If you are completing a major in Arts Administration, then you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Arts Management (BSAM).

Can I be admitted to SPEA directly from high school?
Yes. First, you must designate on your application to Indiana University that you are interested in SPEA. You are also required to meet SPEA’s admission criteria: ranking in the top 15% of your class and scoring a minimum of 1250 on the SAT, or a minimum score of 28 on the ACT. For more information about our Direct Admit Program, please click here.

What is the credit hour cap for students applying to SPEA?
SPEA recommends applying before you have reached 75 credit hours.  If you are nearing or have reached 75 credit hours and are still considering applying, we recommend that you speak to a SPEA advisor.  Please call 812-855-0635 for an appointment.

How do I schedule a visit to SPEA?
You may call us at 812-855-0635.  If you are also touring campus through the Office of Admissions, we recommend that you arrange your campus tour first.  Depending on your date, you may be able to schedule your SPEA session as part of your tour.

How do I request additional information about SPEA?
You may request additional information by clicking here. Additional materials will be mailed to you per your request.

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Who is my advisor?
SPEA does not assign advisors to specific students. Students are able to see either an advisor of their choice or the first available.

What if I have a "quick question"?

It has been our experience that there is no such thing as a "quick question." In fairness to all students, please set up an appointment or take advantage of our walk-in advising hours so that we may provide you undivided attention and resolve your issue in a timely fashion. Click here for Advising hours.

How do I schedule an advising appointment?

Please contact the office at 855-0635 for an appointment that meets your scheduling needs. Click here for advising hours.

How can I view my Academic Advisement Report?

View a tutorial here.  Log on to OneStart, and go to your Student Center. Under Academics, click on My Academics & Grades. Then click on View My Advisement Report.

How can I get help with current student registration?

If you need help with the process of registration (not course selection or planning), you may receive personal registration assistance at the Office of the Registrar, in Franklin Hall 101, Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Registration telephone assistance is available at (812) 855-8200; e-mail assistance is available at  For course planning help, please see an academic advisor.

I'm struggling with some personal issues. Is there anyone who can help?
The Student Health Center, located at 10th and Jordan, has a variety of services to meet student needs, including Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). 

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Registration and Deadlines

Where do I locate my registration appointment time?
Log on to OneStart, and go to your Student Center. You will see your registration appointment date in the Enrollment Dates along the right side of the page when it becomes available. You may click on Details to see your registration appointment time.  Also click on Holds on My Record in the Registration Services section. Holds must be cleared before you can register.

How can I view the schedule of classes?
Go to the following Web site:

What is the maximum number of hours I can carry each term?
SPEA students in good academic standing may carry a maximum of 19 hours during fall and spring semesters, and a maximum of 10 hours during summer session I and 10 hours during summer session II.

What are the chances of getting into a class if I'm on the "waitlist"?
Unfortunately, there is no way to accurately predict this. The waitlist runs through the end of the first week of class. After this time, the waitlist system is inactive. Please monitor your schedule often to see if your waitlist has been satisfied. If the instructor allows you in the class after the first week, please use the e-add system through OneStart to add the course.

What are the deadlines to drop and/or add a course, and how do I do that?
Students should use OneStart to register and/or adjust their schedules through the first week of classes. After that time, students should use eDrop and eAdd through OneStart to make late schedule changes. Please refer to the Office of the Registrar's Web site for specific deadlines each semester:

Please be aware that an instructor cannot add you to a course late if you do not go through the e-add system.  An instructor adding you to Oncourse does not constitute your registration in the course.

What are the deadlines for taking a course Pass/Fail, what is the procedure, and how do I know if I can take a course Pass/Fail?
Students in good academic standing may choose to take a maximum of eight elective courses, with a limit of two per calendar year, Pass/Fail. Only elective courses can be taken Pass/Fail. Courses required for general education, core, major, minor, or certificate requirements are not eligible for Pass/Fail. A grade of a “P” is not counted in grade point averages, but a grade of “F” is. A grade of “P” cannot subsequently be changed to a grade of A, B, C, or D.

Deadlines for taking courses Pass/Fail are published on the Registrar’s Official Calendar. SPEA strictly enforces University deadlines. A Pass/Fail form may be obtained through the SPEA Undergraduate Advising Office in room 240.

Can I retake a course for a better grade?

The Extended-X policy allows any undergraduate student to retake a course for which he/she received a grade below an A. A student may exercise this option for no more than three courses, totaling no more than 10 credits. A student may use this option only once for a given course.

You must complete a form indicating your intention to replace the grade.  Please contact the SPEA Advising Office with questions or to obtain the form.

Please see the Registrar's website for complete policy details.

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Degree Requirements, Majors, Minors, and Certificates

Where can I view the SPEA Undergraduate Bulletin?
You may view the bulletin online.

Where can I obtain information about internships?
Please refer to the SPEA Career Development Office for questions about obtaining, registering, or filing paperwork for your internship. You can also visit the Office of Career Services in SPEA Room 200.

How many credit hours do I need to be classified as a sophomore, junior, or senior?
Sophomore = 27 - 55 credit hours
Junior = 56 - 85 credit hours
Senior = 86+ credit hours

Does SPEA require a foreign language to fulfill a degree requirement?
Please refer to your general education requirements--depending upon date of matriculation, you may or may not have a language/world cultures requirement.

What is the difference between a "double major" and a "dual degree"?
In essence, a double major is when a student pursues two majors within the same school--for example, a bachelor’s degree from SPEA with a double major in Nonprofit Management and Legal Studies. A dual degree is when a student is pursuing two bachelor’s degrees from different schools within the university--for example, a degree from SPEA and a degree from Journalism. If you are planning on either of these options, see an advisor as soon as possible.

How do I change my major?
If you are considering a change of major, we encourage you to see a SPEA academic advisor as soon as possible.  Please see an advisor to complete a Change of Major form.  Please note that a change of major from a major outside SPEA to a SPEA major involves application for admission to SPEA.

I would like to pursue a SPEA minor. How do I do this?
You must complete an application with an advisor for the minor you are pursuing. Please call 855-0635 to make an appointment or come to our walk-in advising hours (non-SPEA students may come to walk-ins to declare a minor). For a list of SPEA minors and their requirements, click here.

I would like to pursue a non-SPEA minor. How do I do this?
We recommend that you contact the school or department advisor for the minor you are pursuing, to make sure you understand the minor coursework and requirements. You willl also need to complete an application, which you can complete by meeting with a SPEA academic advisor.

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Grades and Transfer Credits

How do I appeal a course grade?

Students seeking a grade change should first contact the course instructor directly. If the instructor agrees that a change is appropriate, a form for this purpose is available to the instructor, or they may submit an eGrade change.  If you still have issues after meeting with the instructor, you may contact the UPO at 855-0635 or

I am having trouble in one or more of my courses. What services are available to me?
Are you a regular visitor to your instructor during office hours? Have you expressed your concern about your progress? Have you spoken to your instructor about possible solutions? Are you attending every class throughout the semester?  If you need more academic resources, IU houses three Academic Support Centers on campus.  We also maintain a list of tutors for some SPEA courses; please consult the list in Room 240.

Do I have to obtain a grade of C or better in a SPEA class for it to count toward my degree?
Not necessarily. To remain in Good Academic Standing, SPEA requires that students maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.000, a SPEA GPA of 2.300, and a semester GPA of 2.000 (with a required cumulative GPA of 2.300, SPEA GPA of 2.700, and semester GPA of 2.300 for Arts Management students).  For the course to fulfill a requirement in SPEA, you need to pass the course--ie, any grade higher than F will fulfill requirements.

What if my GPA drops below the minimum requirements?
If your cumulative GPA and/or your SPEA GPA and/or your semester GPA fall below minimum standards, you are no longer considered in Good Academic Standing. Consequences can range from being placed on Academic Probation, an inability to engage in the required internship until Good Standing is restored, Critical Probation, or Dismissal. These academic actions are considered twice a year for each of our students. Other than Dismissal, students have one semester to return to Good Academic Standing. If they do not, they will be dismissed from SPEA. If the cumulative GPA drops below a 2.000, the student may be dismissed from Indiana University.

How do I take a course at another IU campus and have those credits transfer to Bloomington?
Select the IU campus that you plan to attend. Make sure the courses you plan to take are being offered. Complete an intercampus transfer form with the IU campus you plan to attend. Once you have registered and completed your courses they should appear on your IU Degree Progress Report. If you are unsure how a course will transfer to Bloomington, contact IUB Admissions.

How do I know if a course from another academic institution will transfer to Indiana University?
IU's Office of Admissions has a Credit Transfer Service Web site that lists transfer course equivalencies.  SPEA abides by these equivalencies.

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Study Abroad and Other Opportunities

Could you tell me more about SPEA student organizations?
Please click here for information about SPEA's student organizations. You may also find information about the SPEA Undergraduate Student Association here.

How do I find out about SPEA’s Overseas Study opportunities?
SPEA students may pursue opportunities to study abroad with SPEA-specific programs or with programs through the Office of Overseas Study.  As soon as you think that you might be interested in overseas study, make an appointment with a SPEA advisor. It is critical that your overseas registration has maximum benefit toward completion of your degree requirements and courses, and that credit hours from your study abroad experience are applicable to your degree requirements. Please visit our study abroad website for more on SPEA's programs overseas, which for many students offer the best chance of earning credits that will count toward your degree.

What is the IU in DC Program?
SPEA offers the Washington Leadership Program each fall semester in Washington, DC. Junior and senior undergraduate students from all majors at all IU campuses are eligible to apply. This program consists of two senior-level seminars (each worth 3 credit hours) and an internship (worth 6 credit hours). Students complete internships by working four days per week at an assigned congressional/Senate office, trade association, or federal agency, or at a health, environmental, or nonprofit organization. To learn more about the IU in DC program, please click here.

How do I find out about SPEA scholarships?
SPEA students can review a listing of general scholarships by visiting the Undergraduate Program office in SPEA room 240 or by clicking here.

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Graduation, Transcripts, and Life After SPEA

Do I have to take my last 30 hours on the IU Bloomington campus?
No. However, SPEA does abide by a plurality rule that states you must complete over 50% of your coursework here on the Bloomington campus to earn an IU Bloomington degree.

What happens if I can’t get a course I need for graduation?
If you believe this to be the case, make an appointment or come to walk-ins to meet with an advisor immediately. Please click here for advising hours. To prevent this, it is imperative that you register for classes on the date and time assigned to you, and that you check your Academic Advisement Report for course planning purposes prior to each semester registration.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?
Transcript requests are made through Student Central, and may be made in person, online, or by fax or mail. You may find more information on the Student Central website.

When and how do I apply for graduation?
Students should apply for graduation the semester before they plan to graduate.  We ask that students wait until they have registerd their final fall or spring semester courses before applying to graduate. Students graduating in May or summer should apply by the preceding December 1, and students graduating in December should apply by the preceding May 1. You may find more information, including the online application (when available) on our Graduation page.

What about Commencement?

Please refer to the website of the IU Office of University Ceremonies for all the information you need about IU Commencement, from cap and gown rental to parking.  SPEA does not maintain this information as this ceremony is university-wide.

Can I participate in May graduation if I am an official summer graduate?
Keep in mind that we use the term "graduation" for your official date of completion here at IU--the date you are conferred a degree from IUB.  We assume that this question is really asking "Can I participate/walk in May Commencement?" to which the answer is most certainly, yes!  Refer to the website of the IU Office of University Ceremonies for more information.

When will I receive my diploma?
Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address approximately 12 weeks after your official graduation date as determined by the Office of the Registrar.  Please update your OneStart account with your permanent address prior to graduation to ensure that your diploma is mailed to a current address.

What are the criteria for the Dean’s List and graduating with honors?
The Dean’s List is calculated every semester (fall and spring), and a student must complete 12 GPA credit hours with a GPA of at least 3.50.

There are three levels of graduating with Honors, and all levels are based on cumulative GPA.
Graduating with Distinction = 3.50 – 3.69 GPA
Graduating with High Distinction = 3.70 – 3.89 GPA
Graduating with Highest Distinction = 3.90 and above

Students do not have to apply for these honors; they are administratively calculated, and each student is individually notified.

More questions?
Click here to contact us. Please include your University ID number and phone number in your e-mail.  You may also contact us by phone at 812-855-0635.

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