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Policy Analysis

Government Reform Starts HereAnyone can tell you there are two sides to every story.  Policy analysts will tell you there are dozens.  A major in Policy Analysis through SPEA develops skills in identifying, dissecting, and improving policy.  Students study finance, economics, law, public policy and statistics to gain the tools they need to measure the impact of policy decisions.  It's cause and effect, magnified.

Sounds hard!  What kinds of classes should I expect?

Don't worry--our four-year plan of coursework is designed to introduce concepts and skills at a level undergraduate students can digest!  However, this is a math-heavy major.  Quantitative skills are needed for accurate analysis, and this major will hone those skills and challenge students.

What special programs might a Policy Analysis major want to be involved in?

For policy analysis majors interested in the workings of the federal government and other DC organizations, SPEA's Washington Leadership Program provides an opportunity to live, work, and learn in DC.  Open to majors across campus, this unique program may be of particular interest to Policy Analysis majors.

What coursework do I need with a Policy Analysis major?

Major Courses for Policy Analysis

Important to Note: In Summer 2011, IUB implemented new General Education requirements.  Students already admitted to IUB prior to summer 2011 (even if they were not yet admitted to SPEA) will continue to follow our existing degree requirements; requirements for students admitted to IUB summer 2011 and later will utilize the new requirements that take the new campus GenEd into account.

General Education Requirements for students matriculating to IUB prior to summer 2011

General Education Requirements for students matriculating to IUB summer 2011 and later

What kind of a career could I expect with a Policy Analysis major?

SPEA is fortunate to have a dedicated Office of Career Services to help you plan your career after SPEA.  Take a look at what real SPEA students have gone on to do with a major in Policy Analysis!