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Public and Nonprofit Management

Want a hand in the management of a city?  What about leading development for a nonprofit you care about?  Want to learn the skills to make things better?  A SPEA major in Public and Nonprofit Management prepares students for careers in the government and nonprofit sectors, with coursework specific to our students' goals of making a life out of making a difference. 

Working for a Cause Starts HereWait--so is it Public Management or Nonprofit Management?  Those seem really different.

Students who decide on SPEA's Public and Nonprofit Management major pick a track--either Public Management or Nonprofit Management.  They cover basic management skills that apply to both, and then break out into coursework more specifically attuned to their interests in the public or nonprofit sector. 

I've heard that you can't make a living working for a nonprofit.

Definitely not true!  In SPEA, we believe that you can do well financially and do good for the community, and our students' post-graduation career paths show this.  Among the several million nonprofits and non-governmental organizations operating around the world, competitive salaries are not hard to find.  SPEA is focused on making its graduates as marketable as possible for these positions.

What coursework do I need with a Public and Nonprofit Management major?

Major Courses for Public and Nonprofit Management

Important to Note: In Summer 2011, IUB implemented new General Education requirements.  Students already admitted to IUB prior to summer 2011 (even if they were not yet admitted to SPEA) will continue to follow our existing degree requirements; requirements for students admitted to IUB summer 2011 and later will utilize the new requirements that take the new campus GenEd into account.

General Education Requirements for students matriculating to IUB prior to summer 2011

General Education Requirements for students matriculating to IUB summer 2011 and later

What kind of a career could I expect with a Public and Nonprofit Management major?

SPEA is fortunate to have a dedicated Office of Career Services to help you plan your career after SPEA.  Take a look at what real SPEA students have gone on to do with a major in Public and Nonprofit Management!