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Public Affairs

A Bachelors of Science in Public Affairs will help you develop the analytical, collaborative, and leadership skills you need to examine complex issues and solve critical problems that impact the world today. Whether you’re planning to work on policy on Capitol Hill or managing people and projects in the private sector, we offer a selection of diverse public affairs majors to match your diverse interests:

Majors in Public Affairs

Environmental Management

Learn environmental law and regulations, real-world application of scientific theory, and the science and policies behind sustainable practices. Learn more»

Human Resource Management

Be prepared for a career in human resources with an understanding of successful hiring, complex compensation systems, the value of diversity, and fundamental concepts in employment law. Learn more»

Law and Public Policy

Study the impact of law on society in this joint venture between SPEA and the IU Maurer School of Law. Learn how public policy is designed and implemented. You’ll gain analytical skills that will prepare you for a career in policy making, in the legal field, or to go on to law school. This replaces our Legal Studies major. Learn more»


Apply corporate business skills to the public sector. You'll learn to manage projects and people and how to negotiate issues such as budgets, labor relations, and development. Learn more»

Policy Analysis

Combine study in finance, public policy, economics, and law while you use advanced statistical modeling to measure the real-world impact of policy decisions—and make recommendations for policy improvement. Learn more»

Public Financial Management

Be prepared to manage the billion-dollar budgets of cities, states, or the federal government with applied skills in accounting and auding, budgeting and taxes, and revenue management. Learn more»

Public and Nonprofit Management

Study the structure of government, nonprofit, and private organizations and be prepared for a career where you can collaborate among the three. You'll be able to provide essential services to populations from all walks of life and manage people, projects, money, and communication. Learn more»