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Where do you want to go? For how long? At what time of year? Do you want to study with other SPEA students and take SPEA courses, or do you want a more general program? Do you prefer a large or a small group? Researching the different types of programs can help provide answers to these questions. There are basically three types of programs:

  • SPEA Abroad
  • IU and IU Co-sponsored
  • Non-IU

SPEA Abroad Programs

SPEA has developed amazing programs in numerous locations around the world. These programs are a great way to take SPEA major courses, work closely with SPEA faculty, and develop lasting friendships.

  • Visit the SPEA Abroad website.
  • SPEA offers summer programs and academic year exchange programs.
  • Summer programs are developed and run by SPEA, and courses are taught by SPEA faculty and experts in the field.
  • Not every program works for every major, so make sure the courses will count toward your major.
  • Program costs are very reasonable.
  • Find SPEA scholarship information here.
  • For additional information, contact SPEA Abroad in room 201, at (812) 856-0796, or

IU and IU Co-sponsored Programs and Non-IU Programs

There is a seemingly endless number of semester, year-long, and summer programs. There is no problem finding programs – the challenge is narrowing down your choices.

  • IU and IU co-sponsored are operated by or affiliated with IU and are closely monitored to maintain high quality. Non-IU programs are operated by another university or organization and are not directly affiliated with IU.
  • Work with an advisor in the Office of Overseas Study. They are knowledgeable about both IU and non-IU programs.
  • Find general guidelines on selecting programs here.
  • Find details about IU and IU co-sponsored programs here, and non-IU programs here.
  • The courses in IU and IU co-sponsored programs count for IU credit and the grades count in the IU GPA. The courses in non-IU programs count for transfer credit (if the courses qualify), but grades do not count in the IU GPA.
  • Financial aid and scholarship options can be found here.