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1 Kenna Quinet Wants to Know Where the Bodies Are Buried
Whether the subject is murder or mayhem, this SPEA ciminal justice professor finds real life far more interesting . . . and horrifying . . . than crime fiction.

2 Robert Brown Questions Authority
Writing traffic tickets is the most common law enforcement action police take. Yet, as an excercise of police power, it's a behavior that's rarely studied . . . Brown looks for answers at the source.

3 Prevent Crime and Punish Smarter
Crystal Garcia studies why more girls are getting into trouble and whether capital sentencing is being applied fairly. Why prevention, not punishment, needs to be promoted.

4 Sam Nunn Tracks Tech
Nunn explores how law enforcement uses technology today.

5 Just Curious – Q & A
Taking Liberties—Sheila Kennedy assesses the future of American civil liberties post 9/11.

6 Cream of the Crop — Student Stories
Kristina Patterson: "I went straight to SPEA and it has truly changed my life."

7 Picture This: Photo Essay
Vicky Meretsky takes a sabbatical and discovers why there are "Hard Choices in Central Asia."
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8 A Spy at SPEA
Gene Coyle tells all—within limits.

9 Playing with Bugs
Marc Lame builds a better mousetrap.

10 Bravo, Doug Booher!
Doug Booher's performance at the IU Auditorium gets rave reviews.

11 Online
Faculty adventures in cyberspace.

12 In the Money
A sampling of current research, the SPEA faculty who are doing it, and the grants that help make it possible.

13 In the Lab: Projects and People
Flynn Picardal discovers the gentler side of heavy metal.

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