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In the Money

Who. What. How Much. A Sampling of Current Research and Funding

Kirsten Gronbjerg, IUB
$9,700 from Indiana Grantmakers Alliance to conduct a survey of Indiana non-profit organizations to better understand the use of the terms “capacity building” and “technical assistance” as used by Indiana non-profits seeking resources. Increased understanding of these needs will enable grantmakers to improve upon meeting the needs of grantee organizations and to increase overall impact and effectiveness of grants.

Ronald Hites, IUB
$680,063 ($3,453,900 over five years) from Environmental Protection Agency for a continuing program to measure and assess pollutant concentrations in the atmosphere in an effort to establish the status and trends of toxic organic compounds in the Great Lakes. The Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network (IADN) is a joint monitoring effort between the United States and Canada.

Bill Jones, IUB
$73,041 from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to collect data for the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Lakes Survey. The survey will examine ecological, water quality, and recreational indicators, and assess the status of key stressors, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and acidification. The data will be utilized in a comprehensive report on the 2009 “Survey of the Nation’s Lakes.”

John Krauss, IUPUI
SPEA’s Center for Urban Policy and the Environment contract for $100,000 with the state of Indiana to provide support staff and facilities to the newly formed Commission on Local Government Reform, a bipartisan commission established to address property tax issues and to examine and make recommendations on reforming and restructuring local government in Indiana. The Commission operates under the leadership of its chairs, former Governor Joseph E. Kernan and Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard, and with the assistance of the Indiana University Center for Urban Policy and the Environment.

Sam Nunn, IUPUI
SPEA’s Center for Urban Policy and the Environment (CUPE) contract for $320,000 with the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to support analysis of data regarding motor vehicle accidents in the state of Indiana. As part of the agreement, CUPE, in partnership with the Center for Criminal Justice Research produces a series of annual fact sheets on topics such as alcohol-related crashes, light and large trucks, speeding, children, motorcycles, occupant protection (restraint use), and young drivers, as well as county and municipality collision data.

Eric Wright, IUPUI
SPEA’s Center for Health Policy contract for $410,000 with the Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning to establish the Indiana University Workgroup on Health Care Reform. Because of the the expanding crisis and increased pressure on states to address the associated challenges, the workgroup has begun exploring options for expanding coverage for the uninsured, both to improve the health of Hoosiers and to reduce the economic burden on employers who provide employer-based health insurance coverage.

Kurt Zorn and John Mikesell, IUB
$40,000 ($116,000 over three years; third year) from the Lincoln Institute to study the transition of Saratov, Russia from a land taxation system based on area to one based on value and the transition of property taxation into the principal source of local revenue in the Russian Federation. This renewal provides funding for analyzing the transition impacts on economic development, land use patterns, and fiscal sustainability.