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FBI Agent Speaks on Eco-Terrorism

Special Agent Robert Springer spoke to a standing-room only crowd in the SPEA atrium about the detrimental effects of eco-terrorism in the U.S.  Invited by the student-run Environmental Management Association, Springer said he sees the U.S. Constitution plays an active role in his job.

“We uphold the Constitution in everything we do,” Springer said. “By working in domestic terrorism investigations, you get to see the First Amendment in action.”

Springer said eco-terrorism – attacking industries that are believed to harm animals – and agro-terrorism – the use of food supply as a weapon of mass destruction – are two forms of terrorism that the FBI is especially interested in because they can harm the economy and public health just as much as an “international terrorist” attack, such as 9/11.

Springer encouraged students who are passionate about this sort of issue to consider a career in the FBI.

Learning Spaces II

Learning Spaces II is a joint project of SPEA, the Kelley School of Business, and the Indiana University Foundation that benefits the IUPUI students, faculty, and staff. Learning Spaces II is a unique learning space on campus created and coordinated by RJE business interiors, Rowland Design, Maregatti Interiors, and CSO Architects, working with the University Architect’s Office.The niches were each designed by a different designer and paid for by the contributions of our four niche partners: BKD, Citizens Gas, The Indianapolis Foundation, that’s good HR, and other cash donors and in-kind donors. Learning Spaces II involved over 57 partners with a total value of the project is nearly $800,000.

Kudos and Congrats!

SPEA IUB Professor Randall Baker has been selected as this year’s recipient of the John W. Ryan Award. This award ”…recognizes exceptional contributions in teaching, research, or professional service to international programs at Indiana University, over a period of many years, which have a sustainable impact on the students and faculty of Indiana University.” Clearly, Baker has made contributions in all three areas to SPEA, IU, and to a number of organizations throughout the world.
SPEA IUB Professor David Audretsch, Ameritech Chair of Economic Development and Director, Institute for Development Strategies has been awarded Indiana University’s highest and most esteemed rank, that of Distinguished Professor. “The most prestigious academic appointment Indiana University can offer an individual is a distinguished professorship. The rank of distinguished professor honors outstanding scholarship, artistic or literary distinction, or other achievements that have won significant recognition by peers.”l

Professor and former SPEA dean Jim Barnes was appointed to a National Academy of Public Administration panel that will assess the executive staffing of the Department of Homeland Security, focusing on identifying remedies for management and administrative gaps that could arise during the forthcoming Presidential transition. The panel expects to conclude its work in early 2008. His work on another NAPA panel focused on a system of Environmental Indicators and concluded in October with the submission of a report to the Department of Interior, acting on behalf of a consortium of federal agencies. Barnes has been reappointed by Secretary Samuel Bodman to the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management Advisory Board.ife.

Amtrak Welcomes SPEA Alum

SPEA alum and Board of Visitors member Donna McLean (MPA ’89) was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) at the November 8, 2007 board meeting. McLean, who was appointed to the Board by President Bush and approved by the Senate in July 2006, had previously served as Vice Chairman of the Board. As Chairman of the Board, McLean will lead the board of Amtrak, the nation’s intercity passenger railroad, which operates in 46 states on a 21,000-mile system serving more than 500 stations. A former official at the U.S. Department of Transportation, she is owner of Donna McLean Associates, LLC, a Washington, DC-based consulting firm specializing in transportation policy and is director of SPEA's Washington Leadership Program.

New Sustainable Development Concentration Available to MPA Students

A recent campus-wide sustainability report at IU noted that “achieving a sustainable society will depend in large part upon the ability of educational institutions to produce graduates capable of such critical thinking and able to apply it to solving both local and global issues of sustainability.”

Critical thinking?  Solving local and global issues of sustainability?  Right up SPEA’s alley.

Beginning this year, MPA students will have the chance to formally focus their work in an emerging field of importance: sustainable development.  MPA students may now receive a certificate in sustainable development that includes classes in environmental, economic, and social issues.

The result may be that SPEA students will be prepared for jobs that they never had considered, says Professor Burnell Fischer.  Prof. Fischer teaches a class on Urban Forestry, which he says has been a big success.  One recent MPA/MSES graduate student recently took a job with the City of New York as an urban forester, and other MPAs with environmental knowledge will take similar positions with government and consulting firms.

Many businesses and organizations that are trying to become “green” can also save money, says Fischer.  That has made the MPA students with sustainable development knowledge very valuable, he says.  In addition to the environmental knowledge, MPAs know how to work with people and work with government.

 “It really gets to the heart of what SPEA’s strengths are,” says Fischer. 

Fresh Faces at SPEA

SPEA IUPUI welcomed four new full-time faculty members for the 2007-08 academic year.

Deanna Malatesta, a specialist in public management, joined SPEA in August to teach public management and work with the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment. Prof. Malatesta earned her doctorate in public administration from the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia.

SPEA IUPUI’s health programs added two new full-time faculty in August. Yong Li, a health economist, also joined SPEA IUPUI to teach economics and work with the Center for Health Policy. Prof. Li earned his doctorate in economics from Wayne State University.

Paul Lang joined SPEA IUPUI full-time as a clinical lecturer and director of SPEA’s health programs. An MPA alumnus, Paul had been an adjunct professor since 2004 and served as the Vice President and CFO of Noble of Indiana for 27 years.

William Foley Jr. joined SPEA IUPUI in January 2008 as a lecturer for public safety and executive education. Prof. Foley earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University and has a distinguished career in Homeland Security and emergency services.

SPEA IUB welcomed three new faculty members.

Michelle Facos is a visiting associate professor in the Arts Administration program at SPEA. She is also associate professor of the History of Art in the IU College of Arts and Sciences. Her doctorate is from New York University. Prof. Facos has a longstanding interest in the documentation and preservation of cultural heritage.

Monika Herzig is a Visiting Lecturer in the Arts Administration program. Herzig’s scholarly interests focuses on the music industry and community arts organizations. She holds a DME in Music Education from Indiana University. As a touring jazz artist, she has performed at many prestigious jazz clubs and festivals, such as the Indy Jazz Fest and the W.C. Handy Festival.

Assistant Professor Joe Shaw is an environmental toxicologist whose research focuses on understanding how environmental chemicals, particularly toxic metals, affect molecular processes in ways that might contribute to impacts on individual fitness, population dynamics, and higher-levels of response. He holds the Ph.D. from the Unversity of Kentucky.