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Public Management

Public management is a field of study and practice concerning the ways in which public policies are adopted, implemented and evaluated; the role of governmental bureaucracy in a democratic society; and the goals, structures, processes, administrative functions and behavior observed within public organizations. Major foci in the field of public management include the political environment surrounding public organizations; public organizations’ relationships with citizens, organized interests, elected officials, legal institutions, private for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and other public organizations; government accountability and performance; the structure and design of public organizations and public policy implementation regimes; organizational strategy, decision making and leadership in public organizations; public employee motivation, job satisfaction and other work-related attitudes; governmental reform and organizational change; administrative rulemaking; policy implementation and service delivery; administrative law; and government procurement and outsourcing.

Faculty Members

Osita Afoaku

Clinical Professor

Claudia N. Avellaneda

Associate Professor

Ashley Clark

Clinical Assistant Professor

Jennifer N. Brass

Assistant Professor

Beth E. Cate

Associate Professor

Sameeksha Desai

Assistant Professor

Sergio Fernandez

Associate Professor and Director, Ph.D. Programs in Public Affairs and Public Policy

Burnell C. Fischer

Clinical Professor

Beth Gazley

Associate Professor and Teaching and Learning Faculty Chair

Paul Helmke

Professor of Practice, SPEA

Chaman Jain

Senior Lecturer

Robert Kravchuk

Professor and Director, Master of Public Affairs (MPA) and Online MPA

Leslie Lenkowsky

Professor of Practice in Public Affairs and Philanthropy

Michael McGuire

Executive Associate Dean, Professor

Sean Nicholson-Crotty

Associate Professor

Frank L. Nierzwicki Jr.

Visiting Lecturer

James Perry

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Orville Powell

Clinical Associate Professor

Thomas M. Rabovsky

Assistant Professor

Daniel Simon

Associate Professor

Nan Stager

Senior Lecturer and Director, Undergraduate Programs

Henry K. Wakhungu

Senior Lecturer

Lois R. Wise

Professor Emeritus

Faculty Research

Study: Voluntary support for public schools has grown, but not enough to offset tax losses

Researchers find students in high-poverty schools are less likely to benefit

Expert panel recommends strategies for successful government outsourcing

John D. Graham and Sergio Fernandez report titled "Government Outsourcing: A Practical Guide for State and Local Governments" draws on research and experience.

Study: States were cautious about investing in financial derivatives

The study examines the 50 states' use of derivatives between 2003 and 2009. It finds that no more than about 10 percent of state debt was tied to derivatives in any year.

Indiana University journal examines critical health-care law issues

With a key step in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act looming, a journal based at Indiana University is laying out the latest thinking on critical elements of the law known as Obamacare.

Making associations work: New book by IU experts offers recipe for success

Two Indiana University researchers offer a recipe for strong board leadership in a new book that tackles an important but overlooked subject.

Indiana University research shows struggling schools should focus on single goal

When schools are failing, new research from Indiana University suggests, administrators should focus on a single, annual goal if they want to obtain higher graduation rates.

Indiana University Faculty Contribute to Forecast of Global Trends

A new forecast from the U.S. intelligence community that incorporates analysis from several Indiana University professors paints a mixed view of the world in 2030.

Good360, IU collaborate to measure impact of 'product philanthropy'

The Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Good360, formerly Gifts In Kind International, have completed the first year of a unique, ongoing collaboration designed to measure the impacts of corporate gifts-in-kind to non-profit organizations.

What if Hurricane Katrina Hit in 2020?

Michael McGuire discusses the state of emergency management in the U.S. in light of past disasters….are we prepared for the next one?

Carbon Capture: Viable for Indiana?

A year ago, two Indiana University professors helped organize a summit of national technology, science, policy and regulatory experts through the Indiana Office of Energy Development. The summit focused on the opportunities and challenges of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and its relevance in Indiana. Now, a summary of the summit's findings is available from the State of Indiana's Web site.

Public managers need skills for collaboration and negotiation, report says

Public managers increasingly make decisions and address problems as part of networks of agencies and organizations. As a result, they need to develop skills that are essential to collaborative problem-solving, says a new report co-authored by an Indiana University professor.

SPEA publication addresses challenges of carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage, or CCS, is a promising tool that may help the United States meet future energy needs while controlling emissions of greenhouse gases linked to climate change, Indiana University researchers say in a new policy brief.