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SPEA Remote Access Computing Servers

May 15, 2014

Welcome to the webpage for the SPEA Remote Access Computing Servers, a partnership with UITS and the Social Science Research Commons.

There are two servers hosted under this system.

  1. SPEA Restricted Access Data Remote Server (SPEA-RADaRS) is for researchers who wish to obtain, store, analyze and conduct research with data sets that must be used only within a secure environment. An example follows.
  2. SPEA Remote Server for Research (SPEA-RSR) is designed for those researchers whose projects involve large data sets and benefit from a remote access environment. (For smaller projects, researchers are referred to the IUAnywhere environment).

Both servers are available to researchers within SPEA and outside SPEA. This website described the basic parameters of the servers and the steps necessary for establishing projects within the server. At this time, all services are available at no charge to the individual researcher.

Example of a project under the SPEA-RADaRs server.

As our first project approved under this new server, researchers in SPEA and the IU Economics Department are conducting research using the Health and Retirement Survey (HRS) which includes state identifiers. The project will test whether state laws that eased the availability of health insurance in the non-group market to those in worse health affected the labor market participation of such individuals, through the easing of “job-lock” whereby the tying of health insurance to jobs may lower mobility in the labor market.  The HRS with state identifiers is a restricted access data set that can only be used in a secure computing environment. (see for more details on the data set). This project commenced in Spring 2012 and preliminary data analysis has been completed. Researcher names: Kosali Simon, SPEA and LeeKai Lin, Economics Department.

RADaRS Details

The Restricted Access Data Remote Server (RADaRS) is a secure research hub for all areas of social sciences and beyond, enabling a data custodian to upload secure datasets, while restricting researchers to do the analysis alone, remotely from their desktop workstations or laptops. Other restrictions are in place (e.g.: require specialized VPN connection, inability to browse the web or transfer any kind of data manually, inability to copy/paste/print to or from the server) so that the researchers may work in as secure a computing environment as possible. A wide variety of software programs, such as SAS, SPSS, Stata, R, Microsoft Office, and more are provided for usage on these servers. With all of this in place, researchers are able to get some of the most crucial datasets from some of the most prestigious data providers in the country, all while working on them from the secure location of their choosing.

RADaRS Action Plan and Usage Agreements


Available Services

Service Service Access Usage
SPEA-RSR Large research projects involving non-sensitive data
SPEA-RADaRS Sensitive data research projects
IUAnyWare Smaller non-sensitive research projects
Quarry & RFS Linux-based High Performance research system

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