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SPEA Related Programs

Indiana University sponsors many study abroad opportunities outside the SPEA Abroad programs that may be of interest to SPEA students. At this time, SPEA Abroad scholarships are only available to SPEA students participating in SPEA Abroad programs and may not be applied toward SPEA-related programs. Further, students should check credit transfer rules with their academic advisor or faculty advisor before enrolling in a SPEA-related program.

Below is a list of programs that SPEA students may wish to learn more about, but we also encourage students to visit the Indiana University Office of Overseas Study for more information on SPEA-related programs. The link below is an Excel file containing all approved SPEA Related programs by country and program and contains the courses available in those programs.

SPEA-Related Approved Programs
and Course Listings

Overseas Study Course Approval Application

SPEA-Related Summer Programs

Barcelona Language and Area Studies - IES Summer Program

Cape Town, South African - CIEE Summer Program

Gaborone, Botswana - CIEE Summer Program

SPEA-Related Semester & Academic Year Programs

Buenos Aires, Argentina - CIEE Semester or Academic Year Program

Prague, Czech Republic - CIEE Semester or Academic Year Program

Non-IU Summer Programs

Procedures for enrolling in non-IU summer programs are available

Amsterdam/Groningen - CIEE Summe Program

Bonaire, Southern Caribbean - CIEE Summer Program

Buenos Aires, Argentina - CIEE Summer Program

Kunming, China - IES Summer Program

Legon, Ghana - CIEE Summer Program

Monteverde, Costa Rica - CIEE

Rabat, Morocco - IES Summer Program

Seoul, South Korea - CIEE Summer Program

Non-IU Semester & Academic Year Programs

Buenos Aires, Argentina - IES Semester Program

Sharjah, UAE - CIEE Semester or Academic Year Program