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Non-SPEA Programs

While there over 250 study abroad programs at IU to choose from, you should consider two major limitations before seeking an overseas experience outside of SPEA.

  • SPEA Overseas scholarships are only available to SPEA students participating in SPEA Abroad programs and may not be applied toward non-SPEA programs.
  • Transferring academic credit to SPEA from non-SPEA overseas programs can be difficult. You are only allowed to bring two approved non-SPEA classes in for SPEA academic credit. Therefore, all other non-SPEA international coursework must count as university elective credits.

We highly suggest you meet with your SPEA academic advisor prior to considering a non-SPEA overseas program, but you should also use our Overseas Study Advising Guidelines to guide your early planning. You can also review our list of pre-approved non-SPEA programs and courses

Planning Your Non-SPEA Overseas Experience

1) Meet With Your SPEA Academic Advisor

It is crucial for you to meet with your SPEA academic advisor prior to registering for an international experience that is not sponsored by the SPEA Overseas Education Programs Office. Your advisor will help you to understand the transfer requirements for non-SPEA credits and how an international experience can fit into your academic plan.

2) Visit the IU Office of Overseas Study to Select a Program

Once you have a general idea of how a non-SPEA study abroad program can work into your plans, head to the IU Office of Overseas Study to learn more about programs that best suit your interests. 

3) Plan Your Overseas Coursework

Now that you have a program selected, you will need to get your coursework together. For the second time in your study abroad planning, you will want to visit a SPEA advisor--this time for help in selecting coursework. If you want a course to transfer as a SPEA course you will need to do some legwork and submit the course for approval. Remember, only two courses can transfer back as major credit from non-SPEA overseas programs, though you may submit more than two courses during the approval process in case one or more is denied. You will need to fill out the Overseas Study Course Approval Form. You can also browse a list of courses that have been approved for other students; note that you will still need to submit the approval form for your planning purposes.