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The Paris Institute of Political Studies, commonly known as "Sciences Po", is a prestigious French university based in Paris with six regional campuses located throughout France. “Sciences Po” can be loosely translated into English as “Political Science”. All of the campuses have a strong focus on the social sciences and humanities but also offer courses in other fields such as business, law, and journalism.

The exchange program between Sciences Po and SPEA began in Fall 2011. Admitted SPEA IUB and IUPUI students may spend a semester or academic year at one of the six Sciences Po campuses. In exchange, Sciences Po students will study at the IUB and/or IUPUI campuses to fulfill their academic requirement of one year of international study.

  • Sciences Po's Brochure written in French and English

Opportunity to Study at Sciences Po's Reim Campus

Students may also have the possibilty to on Sciences Po’s Reims campus, which awards a special certificate. The Reims program has been specifically designed for international students and will present them with unique opportunities unavailable on our campus in Paris.

Benefits of the Reims exchange program: 

  • Tailor-made courses: 3 new majors in International Affairs & Strategy, European Affairs and Business & Economics.
  • “Certificate in Social Sciences and Humanities” awarded upon successful completion of the semester.
  • Language of instruction is English but there will be opportunities to participate in intensive French-language courses and workshops
  • Internship opportunities
  • Field trip in Europe at the end of the semester
  • Guaranteed housing: housing will already be reserved for students before their arrival 

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Courses are offered in English and French on the Paris campus. The program curriculum can be taken in English, French, or a combination of English and French courses. SPEA has evaluated over 50 English language courses taught on the Paris campus to determine Sciences Po course equivalencies in the SPEA curriculum.

Students generally attend class at Sciences Po for approximately 16 hours per week and take 24 to 30 ECT (European credits) per semester, which equates to approximately 12 to 15 credit hours at IU. Since credit hours for courses at Sciences Po do not precisely equate to the typical three credit hour IU courses, an individualized course plan will be developed for each student.

Students are strongly encouraged to take a two or four hour per week French language course while they study at Sciences Po. Course level may be determined by examination scores, which are explained here, or can be determined by self-evaluation.

The course schedule for Fall 2013 will be available on the Sciences Po website by early Summer 2013. Course registration begins in mid-July. Course offerings vary by semester, but to get an idea of the types of courses offered at Sciences Po, see the course list.

Sciences Po Semester Exchange Program Brochure
SPEA Sciences Po Student Handbook

Please fill out the application form and submit it to SPEA Room 201.


Jeff McEvilly
International Program Specialist
Chemain Nanney
Assistant Director of International Programs

SPEA Room 201
(812) 855-6766