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Application & Scholarships

Students must be current graduate or doctoral students in good academic standing.  Preference will be given to students who have completed a minimum of one full-time semester in a SPEA Master’s or Ph.D. program. However, students who will be enrolled at SPEA in Fall 2012 are also encouraged to apply.  International experience and prior relevant coursework at SPEA are encouraged but not required. Students must register for both program courses and pass the first course in order to remain in the program for the second course and internship. The student selection process will include close collaboration with Kenyan partner organizations. While ACCT International is specially designed for IU and IUPUI SPEA students, non-SPEA students with similar interests are encouraged to apply. The ACCT International Program Directors can make program approvals on an individual basis.


  • IU Overseas Study Scholarships (IUB students only)
  • Because ACCT International Kenya carries potential internship credit (1-3 credits dependent on hours), students pursuing internship credit should apply for internship scholarships through the Office of Career Services.
  • General information about financial aid and scholarship resources for IUPUI students can be found at

Important Dates

  • ACCT International Kenya applications and SPEA Abroad scholarships are due December 30th, 2011.
  •  Eligible applicants will be interviewed in early January 2012.
  • Interviewed applicants will be notified of admission status by early February 2012