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Conflict, development and regional complexities cannot be fully understood in a Bloomington classroom. The Balkans provide one of the most unique learning environments in the world. The region is rich with history, natural beauty and cultural diversity. Further, the last century has been dynamic with dramatic changes, conflict engulfing the region in the 1990s and a new beginning over the last decade. As a result, students can learn first-hand about a multitude of issues related to conflict, reconciliation and development. After two workshops in Bloomington on March 7th and April 18th, the course will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia for the first 9 days and move to Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina for the last 8 days after spending a day and a half in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The program will be a mix of classroom teaching by the lead instructor, guest lecturers, site visits, city tours, museum tours, and daylong excursions.

Topics Covered: Regional study, conflict, post-conflict reconciliation and economic development; Institutional Partner: University of Zagreb, Center for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS)

Supplementary Activities and Excursions include:
  • Ston & the Peljesac Peninsula
  • Sarajevo Cultural Tour
  • Shelling of Dubrovnik Tour
  • War Photography Museum
  • Lokrum Island
  • Siege of Sarajevo Tour
  • Mostar
  • Srebrenica

Site Visits to Organizations include:
  • United Nations Development Program
  • National Democratic Institute
  • World Bank
  • United States Embassy

Please see your academic advisor to determine how this study abroad program will fulfill major requirements specific to your academic needs. The undergraduate advisors office has preapproved this course to fulfill these specific academic programs:

Environmental Management
Law and Public Policy
Policy Analysis
Public Finaccial Management
Public & Nonprofit Management
Arts Management
Public Health
Environmental Science
IUPUI Criminal Justice
IUPUI Public Admin
Honors Credit
SPEA in Croatia Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes

Graduate and Doctoral students, please see your faculty advisor to determine which concentrations this will apply to.

*Program still being reviewed for these majors.