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Using a wide variety of museums and collecting institutions in the city of Paris and its environs, this class will study how tradition and history presents challenges to the effective management of museums in the twentieth-first century. By investigating and understanding the birth of the modern museum and its roles and functions throughout the last few centuries, students will become familiar with the unique challenges that collecting institutions will meet in the face of increasing globalization, increased competition for visitors’ attention and dollars, and pressure from governments and public funding for the presentation of relevant museum experiences.

Course Goal: Students will be able to articulate and create model responses and solutions to the challenges faced by museums and collecting institutions in the twentieth first century.

Supplementary Activities and Excursions include:

  • Daily site visits to over twelve Parisian museums
  • Saturday excursion to Versailles
  • Saturday excursion to Giverny

Please see your academic advisor to determine how this study abroad program will fulfill major requirements specific to your academic needs. The undergraduate advisors office has preapproved this course to fulfill these specific academic programs:

Environmental Management
Law and Public Policy
Policy Analysis
Public Finaccial Management
Public & Nonprofit Management
Arts Management
Public Health
Environmental Science
IUPUI Criminal Justice
IUPUI Public Admin
Honors Credit
SPEA Museums of Paris No No No No No No Yes No No * * No

Graduate and Doctoral students, please see your faculty advisor to determine which concentrations this will apply to.

*Program still being reviewed for these majors.


Chemain Nanney

Assistant Director of International Programs