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This exclusive program takes place at Germany’s elite National University of Administrative Sciences (Speyer University) as well as onsite classes at the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.  Students take five seminars taught in English by faculty from SPEA and some of Europe’s top scholars in policy, law, and political science. American students live and study with European students preparing for careers as top officials in EU, German, and other countries’ public institutions. The curriculum takes a comparative approach to understanding public administration in the European Union, Germany, and the United States; European economic integration; Local government and administrative modernization from a comparative perspective; Policy-making in the European Union and its effects on member states; and a special course on the accession of Turkey to the European Union. For more information on these unique courses, click here.

Highlights of the program will be excursions to institutions of the European Union (Parliament, Commission, Council, Committee of the Regions and selected lobby groups) in Brussels, Belgium; European Parliament and Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France; European Central Bank and Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Frankfurt, Germany; and cultural and historical tours of the cities of Speyer and Heidelberg, Germany 

Speyer University and SPEA also offer a Certificate of Participation, and the program will provide European and US students with a unique opportunity to explore major problems of public policy and administration in the European Union and the United States, and to share their experiences coming from different cultures.

SPEA on the Rhine counts as:

V582 in the following MPA concentrations: Public Management, Policy Analysis, and Comparative and International Affairs

Please see your academic advisor to determine how this study abroad program will fulfill major requirements specific to your academic needs. The undergraduate advisors office has preapproved this course to fulfill these specific academic programs:

Environmental Management
Law and Public Policy
Policy Analysis
Public Finaccial Management
Public & Nonprofit Management
Arts Management
Public Health
Environmental Science
IUPUI Criminal Justice
IUPUI Public Admin
Honors Credit
SPEA on the Rhine Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes

Graduate and Doctoral students, please see your faculty advisor to determine which concentrations this will apply to.

*Program still being reviewed for these majors.

Course Syllabus for 2013


Chemain Nanney

Assistant Director of International Programs